Bali Paradise Villa Hidden Privacy Comfort

/Bali Paradise Villa Hidden Privacy Comfort

Bali Paradise Villa Hidden Privacy Comfort

Bali paradise villa is something that some people search for especially when they want to have a hidden and private getaway in this tropical island. Of course you might want to explore the island which very famous for its beauty. Since there are many things that you can see in the island, such as the volcanic mountain, beautiful beach, lushful tropical jungle, exotic rice terrace, and many others. But after all of those adventures, you surely want to have some quiet time to enjoy your partner company. This is why you might want to find some hidden paradise villa in Bali which very quiet and comfortable.

10 Top Hidden Bali Paradise Villa

  1. Solaris

For those who want to find Bali paradise villa retreat then this is the place that you should choose. This villa is consists of a modern style house that has two stories that comes with three bedrooms. So it is suitable for those who are coming with family since it can hold six people. Of course, for those who want to have some privacy, you can also rent it as private place for two people.

  1. Pondok Sebatu

This villa is very exotic since it is build using Balinese style for both the interior as well as the exterior of the house. But when staying here you will be able to feel the nature and calmness of the area that you are looking for. It also has outdoor pool so you can dip yourself after long day of adventure. Even though it is hidden, you should not have to worry about transportation since the villa already provides shuttle service for free which will take you to Ubud. If you bought your own car, then the parking is free for guest.

  1. Casa Kayu Aya

This modern Bali paradise villa is very unique since it is equipped with all modern amenities to complete the modern architecture. You might not guess that this villa is located in the center of Seminyak square since it is very well hidden. Thus even though you still be able to enjoy the busy attraction of Seminyak area, but you still also able to enjoy some privacy in your hidden villa.

  1. Kakul

Another vila which build in Ubud with modern theme and very stylish interior. But the villa is still appears exotic since it is surrounded by tropical garden which appear lush around the outdoor swimming pool. For those who want to go out from this hidden villa, you can use their shuttle service which will take you to the central area of ubud for free. There is also free parking lot provided when you stay here. The area also provides various transportation options such as bike and car for rent. You can also try to arrange for airport transfer as needed.

  1. Aswana

For those who want to stay at Seminyak Bali paradise villa then this is the place where you need to be. The room is very clean and cozy thus it will make you feel relax. Do not forget to try the coffee in the in house Pison café which has high quality and delicious coffee. You can also walk to the beach which you can reach within 7 minutes. This villa is really located in the best prime location since the area is filled with various attractions that you can enjoy such as restaurants, fashion stores, coffee shop and many others.

  1. Uppala

This next villa is also located in Seminyak area just on the outskirt of the area so it is more private and calm compared to the central area that is very busy. Here you will be able to experience the real hospitality of Balinese people which will surely make your stay more comfortable. Since it is located not very far from the center, you can easily go to the crowded area to enjoy the attraction then went back to the villa to relax.

  1. Pandawa

Next is this Kuta Bali paradise villa which located in Umala Village that is also very charming area. It is a modern hotel which created to give you more comfort when staying here. The design is mix of natural material with minimalist theme which makes it appear exotic but still clean at the same time. The hotel offered exclusive residence in this apartment style facility that is modern and stylish. In the villa there is also large swimming pool, spa and two restaurants.

  1. Masari Villa and Spa

This villa is surrounded by the beautiful natural view of Bali which is very famous around the world. With peaceful atmosphere, you will surely feel very comfortable when staying in this villa. Do not forget to enjoy the spa which surely very good to have to relax your body after long hour of flight to reach Bali. This villa is very suitable for honeymooners or family that wants to have a getaway to relax from the crowded place.

  1. Galang Bulan

This hidden Bali paradise villa is located in Nyuh Kuning which is a village in Ubud. It has 3 suites villa as well as one Bali Bali room which comes with terrace and an outdoor pool. Even though it is hidden, it is actually very close to the famous Monkey Forest in Ubud. Thus you can really explore the area easily from there since you can reach it within 2 minutes. There are also various tourist activities that you can do around the villa such as rafting, trekking, temple tour, cycling and many others.

  1. Bali Paradise

The ultimate paradise that you should visit when you go to Bali is located in Seminyak. This makes it suitable place for those who want to have some privacy but also want to have some adventure around the Seminyak area that is very famous of the various tourist attractions.

Those are several hidden Bali paradise villa that you should try to visit which all will give you some privacy but still located in the prime location. Those villa are very comfortable you still able to visit the center of Seminyak to do your touristy things.

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