Best Places to Party in Bali All Day Long

/Best Places to Party in Bali All Day Long

Best Places to Party in Bali All Day Long

Best places to party in Bali must be visit by everyone that having their holiday in this paradise island and enjoy the fun nightlife. This island has many places to visit which all have different crowd and atmosphere that surely satisfy your need. You can find beach club to enjoy sunset while resting before watching their special performance at night while dancing. Do not forget the pool party with beautiful scenery and chic design that you can enjoy. Bali’s nightclubs are also famous as one of the best as their crowd is very lively which you can found in Seminyak or Legian area.

10 Best Places to Party in Bali with Best Crowd and Atmosphere

  1. Ku De Ta Bali

This is one of the best beach clubs in Bali which become pioneers in the island. The best places to party in Bali layout interior are also very unique where they create restaurant as the main area with dedicated bar on the side. The center of the club overlooking the beachfront which used as background to held special events. They also provides sunset box where you can relax to enjoy the best sunset view. The DJ in house creates compilation album with chill songs that is place suitable for relaxing.

  1. Red Ruby

This club is actually consists of three famous clubs in Seminyak that is combined together. This is why; you will see a lot of crowd every night in this club. They also often held live gig as well as various musics from different genre.

  1. Sippy

For those who want to find best places to party in Bali pool party that they can attend during the daytime then this place is the one you should visit. Their pool is filled with saltwater and the shape is free formed which makes it unique. It is also filled with floaties which you can use to relax. On the end of the pool there are 5m as well as 1.3m diving platform where you can jump into the pool. The sun loungers are using parasol shades which designed in Mediterranean theme. You can see coconut palm and green lawns where you can chill while enjoying the atmosphere.

  1. Bounty Discotheque

This legendary club is very famous for their foam parties which makes the party scene livelier compared to others. Besides nightclub you can find karaoke and pool table on the front area of the club.

  1. Potato Head

Best places to party in Bali beach club that is located in Seminyak which often held international events. There are celebrities and international DJs which take the stage on the side of the pool with ocean background that makes the events become livelier. The stage is usually builds on top of the pool so the crowd can enjoy the rhythm and beat while enjoying the pool. Besides international performers there are also DJs in house which perform regularly every evening to keep the crowd busy.

  1. Sky Garden

This Legian lounge is the pioneer for first rooftop venue in the island. It is actually a large complex which consists of entertainment, nightlife and dining area. The best thing about the venue is there is allyoucaneat buffets completed with free beers with unlimited refills. Over the buffet and barbecue area you will find large courtyard area with big white screen where you can watch movies or as background visualization for DJ tunes. The bar is very large and you can find various options of seating such as long tables and padded benches. When you visit this place, you can continue to party

  1. Cocoon

This beach club is very famous for their pool parties that are very stylish and wild thus if you are searching for those atmosphere then you will be able to find it here. Here you can reserved their VIP daybed and enjoy dinner. Another option is go to their deck lounges where the restaurant is located to enjoy the service. Their pool party often become best places to party in Bali with international DJs which makes the party becomes livelier. Their regular DJs also make their parties as fun since you can enjoy them on the pool or from the deck area.

  1. Jenja Club

For those who really want to enjoy their drink and make new friends in the island, this nightclub can be a good go to place to visit. Located on the corner between the famous areas of Seminyak with Legian makes this place filled with the best crowd. Their two floors is designed with stylish interior which makes the party become even better. Their opening hour is pretty late compared to others but you can enjoy the party until morning which makes it more fun. For those who want to relax, the upstairs area features a lounge. Meanwhile the main space for party and bar is on downstairs.

  1. Old Man’s

For those who love to surf in Canggu area, then you can relax after the day in this beer garden that overlooking the beach of Batu Bolong. The main pavilion has thatched roof which makes the atmosphere cozier. There is various seating area that you can use such as benches which placed under the parasols design in Balinese style, or you can lounge around in beanbags which spread all around the lawn. After the sunset, you will find best places to party in Bali party scene that is a lot wilder compared to the cozy atmosphere before.

  1. Engine Room

For younger crowd that want a place to party all night then this nightclub in Legian is a go to place for you. The club is open since the afternoon which is the earliest compared to the other club in the area. As you can go directly to the dance floor from the sidewalk, it is really very popular go to place for many.

Those are the best places to party in Bali that you must try to visit whenever you want to have some fun and enjoy the island nightlife. There are various crowd and atmosphere that you can enjoy so you can choose one which you enjoy the most among others. Do not forget that you can also do club hopping so you can visit various places in one day.

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