Luxury Restaurants in Bali Truly Amazing Experience

/Luxury Restaurants in Bali Truly Amazing Experience

Luxury Restaurants in Bali Truly Amazing Experience

Luxury restaurants in Bali are what people also look forward to since this tropical paradise is also very well known among foodies that wants to get the best food. Furthermore, there is variety of cuisines that you can find in this island that comes from all over the world. Not to mention the local dishes that also as delicious as the international one. So you get to try variety of dishes during your visit to Bali which makes the experience more interesting. Do not forget that the foods here are made using fresh ingredients taken from the local farmer and fishermen which makes the quality becomes a lot higher.

Top 10 Luxury Restaurants in Bali

  1. Ji Restaurant Bali

It is truly one of the exotic luxury restaurants in Bali since the building is actually a real temple which originated from 1706. It is moved from Java to Bali Island then used to create this antique restaurant building. Even though it is a Chinese temple, but the restaurant is not serving Chinese foods. Instead they are serving Japanese food which fusion with Western, Korea, China, and Peru foods. Furthermore, with exotic Asian interior, it makes the food feels more luxurious and delicious.

  1. Blanco par Mandif

This restaurant might look small because of their bar style seating, but their food is truly amazing. The chef is creatively serves Indonesian food with beautiful appearance that will surely increase your appetite. Here you will surely satisfy both your tongue and your eyes.

  1. Opia Bali

As one of the best luxury restaurants in Bali, this establishment is build in the prime location of Jimbaran which famous among travelers. This restaurant offered high end experience because of their dishes which made from fresh ingredients. Furthermore you get to see amazing sight when you are dining here since the restaurant is build in land that used to be a quarry. They served international cuisine which influence by Asian taste that makes it unique and more delicious.

  1. Gabah Restaurant

Here you get a chance to try royal Balinese feast which will really make you feel like the king of the island. This restaurant is serving Indonesia cuisine with traditional as well as modern style to suit your taste. The best menu is Royal Kingdom which consists of the best specialties of this island.

  1. Seasalt Seminyak

When it comes to luxury restaurants in Bali that served seafood, this restaurant is one of the best options that you should get. They are using open kitchen concept on the restaurant so you can see their process of making your meal. They are serving Japanese seafood with luxurious twist to make your dining experience more sensational. Furthermore this restaurant is located overlooking the ocean, so you can enjoy your dinner with beautiful scenery that will surely make it more delicious. The ingredients used to create the dishes in this fine dining restaurant is taken from the surrounding oceans which makes it fresh and high in quality.

  1. Slippery Stone

You will feel as if you are in Greece when you step inside this restaurant that is located in Seminyak. You will feel truly welcome in this elegant restaurant so you will feel comfortable when entering their setting which influenced by old Greece. Of course, you will also get modern comfort along with beautiful greenery from its garden. The food will also make you feel as if you are in Greece since they are all created in homemade style with traditional technique to ensure the authenticity of the food served here.

  1. Bubu Restaurant Nusa Dua

Build in the prime location this next place is known as one of the best luxury restaurants in Bali Nusa Dua area. The one that makes this place unique is that their guests will dine on boathouses created from bamboo material that floats on top of the water. They served variety of shellfish and seafood which you can choose to be grilled or to be cooked in Asian style. To accompany your seafood, you can also order various other Chinese dishes.

  1. La View Restaurant

In this restaurant you will be sited in one of the terrace so you can view straight to the valley that is wide and far. You get to feel the natural breeze as you enjoy your meal which will surely make you become more relax. Furthermore, there is option for romantic dinner which you can choose when you go there with your partner or during your honeymoon. With this option you get to choose to enjoy your meal on the top of infinity pool floating on a deck or having your meal at bird nest platform above in private.

  1. Sakti Dining Room

For those who are looking for vegan luxury restaurants in Bali Paradise this is the place that you should visit. They also have got some awards which shows that this restaurant really have high quality. Here you can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the island inside Balinese style house with thatched roof and bamboo structure. Here you can get coursed meal with different vegan dishes that surely make you miss it after you go home.

  1. DAVA at Ayana

For those who want to eat some meat, then this restaurant inside Ayana Resort is the go to place. Here you can find seafood and steak which paired with delicious wine. Furthermore their dishes are decorated like an art which makes the experience even more luxurious. Try to get the grilled platter which consist of tiger prawn, salmon, lobster, and variety of fishes that they catch on that day which will surely increase your appetite. You can see that their food is made from high quality ingredients since they are all very freshly caught. Furthermore their wine cellar also has top quality collection.

Those are the best luxury restaurants in Bali list that you should try to visit whenever you want to find delicious treat in this island. As there are various dishes from different cuisines you will surely find some that suit your taste. Here you will be able to enjoy great dishes and amazing views that will truly make your experience unforgettable.

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