Luxury Private Pool Villas in Ubud with Ultimate Facility

/Luxury Private Pool Villas in Ubud with Ultimate Facility

Luxury Private Pool Villas in Ubud with Ultimate Facility

Luxury private pool villas in Ubud will give you the ultimate experience that cannot be surpassed in this tropical paradise of Bali. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery you surely want to stay in luxurious villas to get the best relaxation after a day of adventure. Of course having private pool in your villa would be a nice addition so you can enjoy the pool yourself without being disturbed by anyone else. Especially when you are on a honeymoon, surely you want to get romantic experience during your stay in Ubud, Bali. Of course, family that come for holiday together will also want to have the pool for themselves so they can enjoy their time together.

Top 10 Best Luxury private pool villas in Ubud

  1. Villa San

You might not believe that the luxury private pool villas in Ubud are also located in the center of Ubud area. There are six luxury villa rooms that spread around beautiful garden to accommodate 12 peoples in the facility. The pool itself is also very beautiful since it is decorated with several sculptures that make it appear elegant. There is also a terrace that you can use for meditation for those who loves to do yoga since Bali is also known for their yoga.

  1. Black Penny

This villa is located in Agung valley which has beautiful view of the pre historic valley that still preserved until now. However, you might be surprised when finding the luxurious amenities and pool that comes in the villa. Surely you will feel comfortable when staying here.

  1. Shinta Dewi

As luxury private pool villas in Ubud, this villa is located in the northern area of Ubud where there are a lot of rice field that is also famous for its beauty. Surrounded by rice fields and beautiful village, this villa really offer peaceful and calm atmosphere so you can rest and enjoy your trip. There is beautiful garden around the villa which gives more privacy when you stay inside. The villa is build with Balinese style in both interior and exterior which makes it feel more genuine. Furthermore the location is very close to the cultural area so you can visit it anytime.

  1. Alamanda

This villa is located on the outer area of Ubud which makes it very peaceful. Furthermore the villas are build on top of hillside which surrounded by tropical jungle and overlook to the ravine that makes it appear more beautiful. This villa is suitable for those who want to find some privacy so they can enjoy their holiday freely. Do not worry as you can still enjoy the surrounding area since it is located near the cultural area of Ubud that is also very exotic to see.

  1. Four season

You will get the ultimate luxury private pool villas in Ubud when staying in Four Season since it has international quality that you trust. The villa has very unique shape where the lobby is located on top and descent down to enter the facility.

  1. Jungle Pool Villa

There is De Luxe suite in this resort that comes with private pool and can accommodate up to 4 people. Although; it is also suitable for 2 people that having their honeymoon trip in Bali. The lounge area in the villa has sliding door to separate it from the bedroom. Besides the main bedroom there is a second bedroom that is smaller in size. The best thing about this suit is there is an inside spa facility so you can have your massage in the privacy of your spa which makes it more comfortable.

  1. Kaia Villa Ubud

Luxury private pool villas in Ubud Tegalalang which is a famous rice terrace that is located in Ubud. Because of this location, you can really enjoy your holiday in private since the location is far from crowded area. In the resort there are 8 villas which all come with private pool that you can enjoy privately. The villas are surrounded by garden which makes it even more beautiful. You can even enjoy the beautiful rice terrace right from your villa. It is surely amazing to be able to see the rice terrace view when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Tamansari

This resort is very well maintained and has great hospitality which will make you feel comfortable when staying there. Furthermore, the in house meal is also very delicious since they are made by famous chef in the area. You will be able to find luxurious amenities in this villa so you can indulge yourself in comfort. There is option for shuttle that will pick you up in airport so you can go to the villa right away. They also have guide that will be able to guide you when travelling in the surrounding area.

  1. Zoe Villa

This resort comes with 10 single bedroom luxury private pool villas in Ubud. The resort is build with local Balinese culture that is mixed with modern amenities to give luxurious comfort to the guests such as kitchenette, bathroom with rain shower, satellite TV, and many others. That is why; this villa is very suitable for those who come with their partner or their family. Furthermore, there are various facilities near where the villa is located near prime location where there are clubs and market that you can explore during your visit.

  1. Umalas

This villa is located in the Umalas village that surrounded by rice field which taken care by the villagers. The villa provides the best range of amenities that you always want for luxury living. Surely all of that luxury will make you feel more comfortable when staying in the villa. The villa is build using Balinese architecture and decorated with Balinese interior to maintain the charming side of this beautiful paradise island that you always want to visit. So when you stay in this villa, you will be able to enjoy the best Bali life that you always dreamed of.

Those are the best luxury private pool villas in Ubud where you can stay when you come to Bali for holiday.

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