The Guide Explore the Bali Paradise for 8 Full Days

/The Guide Explore the Bali Paradise for 8 Full Days

The Guide Explore the Bali Paradise for 8 Full Days

In this post you will find the guide explore the Bali Paradise for perfect holiday planning. You can use this as a guide especially if it is your first time visiting Bali and you do not know where to explore and stay. Of course there are so many tourist attractions available in the ‘Island of Gods’ and thus you can try to mix and match thus guide with your own different itineraries according to your preference.

How long you should stay in Bali?

When you plan a trip to Bali, you should decide how long you will stay and Bali is a good place for vacation whether you stay only for 2 days, a week, or even a month. Every year, they are so many tourists come from different countries and if you are going for Bali the first time then it is recommended that you at least stay for 7 days. However, if you have already been to Bali before and you already explored many areas, you can easily stay for 5 days. Of course staying longer will be always recommended and you can try 8 days Bali’s itinerary below.

The guide explore the Bali paradise for 8 full days

  1. Day 1

In the first day you can stay in Kuta or Canggu since they are the most touristy part of the Bali and it is also a good introduction if you never been to Bali before. The guide explore the Bali paradise by find an affordable staying place like guesthouses or hotels. You can rent a place for as little as $10USD per night, but if you want more luxurious place then go rent a villa.

So many things can be done in Kuta such as rent a scooter or motorcycle to explore the town, shopping, visit restaurants and bars for culinary experience, chill at famous Kuta beach while watching the sunset and many more. And do not miss Tanah Lot since it has incredible sunset view and the best photography spot in Bali.

  1. Day 2

The guide explore the Bali paradise day 2 can be spent with water activities. You can either go to the beaches or visit waterbom. If you planning to stay in Kuta, you can visit several beautiful beaches such as Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and Seminyak Beach, these are perfect spot for many surfers. Alternatively, you can join in the largest water park in all of Asia and it is also the thirst biggest in the world, Waterbom Bali. You can playing in there tons of water facilities and attractions including the lazy river or giant waterslides.

  1. Day 3:

How to travel Bali for more amazing area such as Uluwatu, it is the southernmost region of Bali and it is popular for surfing spots and perfect cliffs view. It is easy to find homestays that close to the beaches, you can stay on the west side of Uluwatu’s peninsula which near Padang Padang Beach and if you want to surf but do not bring any tools, then you can rent surfboards in the near shops.

  1. Day 4

Your journey to Bali will not complete without visiting Ubud since it is the center of the city. Here, you can find all of Balinese arts, foods and cultures in one area! You can go shop souvenirs like local crafts or paintings or visit temples to learn about Bali culture. There is a yoga class can be joined as well for relaxing time. Just make sure that when you visit the temples, wear long pants or sarong to cover your legs.

  1. Day 5

In day 5 you can try to explore in the north of Bali such as the iconic Tegalalang Rice Terraces. This is an area acknowledged as one of UNESCO world heritage sites because it has historical elements. It is a beautiful place to visit and worth it for your precious sight-seeing time. The landscape is totally incredible and this is why Tegalalang is a popular tourist destination. You eyes will see a large area of paddy fields owned by Balinese locals and they also use traditional irrigation styles as well. Take your break time while soaking in the view with sipping a tasty young coconut with cheap price too!

  1. Day 6

If you still do not satisfied with natural view of Tegalalang, then you can continue your day visiting green highlands in the north of Bali. The guide explore the Bali paradise will be perfect if you can come to less crowded place to peace your mind. In this area you can spot many mountains with cooler weather and some of the main destinations like the ‘Bali Gate’, Ulun Danu Bratan and Lake Beratan which you can ride a boat. You prefer more challenging area? Then you can go to Kebun Raya Bali Park where you can try several zipline routes and it is also a home for Bali Treetop Adventure Park.

  1. Day 7

Day 7 can be spent by exploring dramatic waterfall! First, you can option to stay for a day in Singaraja or Bedugul to minimize the driving time between locations. And most popular waterfalls can be found near these areas too. Take beautiful pictures at Git Git Waterfall where you can swim in the pools or take a rest in a gazebo for awhile.

  1. Day 8

In the last day you can either visiting beaches for delicious food party like in the Virgin Beach or you can head back to Sanur where you can find night market. There are so many food stands that you can try and some offering traditional cuisines.

Alternatively, you can shop around Denpasar. It is a perfect thing to do in final day. The guide explore the Bali paradise where you can find cheap shops to bring home some souvenirs. You can visit Krishna Oleh Oleh for cheap mass-produced items. But for those who like luxury crafts then go to Mitra Bali or Toko Emporium.

If you want to extend your vacation then you can continue to explore at several different areas like trip to Nusa Penida or flying to Lombok as well. Hope the guide explore the Bali paradise that we post help you planning a great holiday trip.

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