Bali Paradise Experience Ultimate Adventure

/Bali Paradise Experience Ultimate Adventure

Bali Paradise Experience Ultimate Adventure

Bali paradise experience is what people want when visiting this tropical island located in the east. Furthermore, there are various things that you can do to experience the ultimate adventure. That is why; some people feel overwhelmed which make them cannot decide where to go or what to do on their holiday. Surely you want to get the best experience among all things that available in Bali. That is why; we have gathered the best things to do in Bali Paradise that could give you the best experience. Then you can choose among these best things according to your taste.

10 Ultimate Bali Paradise Experience Things to Do

  1. Local procession

Among all things that you can see in Bali, the local procession is one of the main Bali paradise experience that you should try to see. Here you will see, people will dress with elegant Balinese traditional clothing, while carrying fruit pyramid on their head to be bought as offering to the gods. You can get the best scenery when there is traditional festival such as Galungan since the procession will be accompanied by gamelan and traditional dance. However, if you cannot come when the festival is held there are some hotels that offer this experience as one of their option. Even though you would not be able to see the gamelan and traditional dance, but you will be able to experience the procession first hand.

  1. Yoga

Besides their exotic culture, Bali is also known as the island of yoga. Here you can do yoga while surrounded by beautiful scenery which makes your meditation feels more calming. Of course; for those who never done it before but interested to try, and then you can take beginner class provided by various places in Bali. The best thing is, there are a lot of hotels that offers yoga class for free every morning so you can try it right away.

  1. Balinese Dance

Another must see Bali paradise experience is to watch Balinese dance. There are various Balinese dances that you can see and all of them are parts of their culture. They are also very beautiful which makes it incredible sight to be seen. Furthermore, they are often accompanied by beautiful gamelan music which makes the scenery makes ethereal. There is also kecak dance which is very unique since it does not dominate with gamelan, instead it is accompanied by sounds made by the dancers.

  1. Crafts

Even if you do not want to buy any crafting, try to at least go to see it since the crafting is truly beautiful. Balinese crafting had been part of the culture since hundreds of years ago. Furthermore the crafting is also used in festival where the craftsman creates the wooden mask used on the ceremony. Not to mention the stone crating that always been part of Balinese houses and temple. The style used in their crafting is very unique and exotic so you would not be able to see it elsewhere.

  1. Rice terrace

This is the best Bali paradise experience that you should see which is the rice terrace that also very famous in the world. The rice terrace is created from rich agriculture history in Bali. Bali island has a lot of hills which makes the farmer could not plant their rice easily because of the layout. Of course, because the farmers love the land, they would not destroy the layout even though it makes it hard for them to do their farming. Instead they create rice terrace which craft the hills to create suitable layout where they can plant the rice. There are various rice terraces in Bali that you should see.

  1. Diving

Besides the above water scenery that is very beautiful to see, you should also try diving to see the beautiful scenery on the ocean. Here you can see various tropical creatures such as sunfish, manta ray and many others. You can see all of those fishes from very close distance and they will swim around you. Surely it is the best experience that you should get from Bali especially if you love diving.

  1. Seafood

Among all foods that you can taste in Bali, the best Bali paradise experience for foodies is to taste the seafood. Especially since the seafood here is made from very fresh ingredients which caught daily by the local fishermen. Surely by using fresh ingredients like this it will make the dishes becomes more delicious and different from other dishes that you have elsewhere.

  1. Temples

Bali is known for their beautiful temples which is why there are various temples that you can visit there. The temples look exotic especially with various crafting on the temple’s wall that appears unique. The guides will usually tell you about the history of the temple as well as Balinese culture that is done in the temples. Some temples even have dance performance which done during the sunset. So you can see beautiful Balinese dance performance with beautiful temple and sunset as the background. It is truly a sight that will awe you.

  1. Beach

Of course the ultimate Bali paradise experience that everyone wants to experience is to go to the beach. Here you can do various things such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, or enjoy your time on the shore. Furthermore you can see beautiful sunset which also very famous in Bali. Do not forget that there are various beach clubs around the beach where you can relax while waiting for the sunset to come.

  1. Nightlife

Bali is the island, that never sleep thus you can try to experience Bali nightlife since there are various clubs in the island. You can even go for club hopping from early evening until morning since the clubs are opened in various times. Furthermore they are located closed to each other so you can go to each of them by foot.

Those are the ultimate Bali paradise experience that you should try to get whenever you have your holiday in the island. If you cannot do all of them, try to at least try most of them to get the best experience.

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