Private Pool Villas in Seminyak for Travelers Guide

/Private Pool Villas in Seminyak for Travelers Guide

Private Pool Villas in Seminyak for Travelers Guide

Private pool villas in Seminyak always been able to give the best experience whenever you go to Bali for holiday and adventure around the area. Surely you want to feel comfortable when you are coming home after a day of adventure around Seminyak area. The best thing is when you can enjoy the pool in private so you get to feel relax or having fun playing all day in the pool undisturbed. For those who want to have the best experience, here we have gathered several villas in Seminyak area with private pool that you can enjoy in private.

Private pool villas in Seminyak

  1. Javana Royal Villa

When you stay at private pool villas in Seminyak you will surely feel like a royalty with all of the luxurious amenities and great service that they give. They even have free WiFi that you can access on the comfort of your room. Their front desk as well as room service is available for 24 hours.

  1. Peppers Seminyak

This resort has a lot of villas with different numbers of bedrooms inside. Thus you can choose one that suits your need. Even when you come alone or with friends and family, there is always a villa suitable for you. Furthermore every villa is surrounded with gardens which hide the private pool perfectly so you can enjoy the privacy while having fun inside the villa. Surely it will also add more beauty to your villa which makes you feel more comfortable when staying inside.

  1. Maca Villas

Next private pool villas in Seminyak which able to give you access to everything you want to have in Bali. This villa has various facilities which will surely gives you the best experience when staying here. Furthermore the rooms are filled with luxurious amenities which surely will make you feel comfortable when you stay here. The staffs are also very friendly and will surely give you the best service and help you while you stay here.

  1. The Awan

This next villa is very famous choice for travelers who visit Bali. They provide various amenities and great service to ensure their guest comfort. Furthermore it is located near to the attraction area. Thus if you want to experience some fun, you can go outside to get to the main Seminyak Street that can be access easily.

  1. Seminyak Icon

Next private pool villas in Seminyak Icon is able to give everything that you need just outside the villa since it is build in the prime location of Seminyak area. You will surely get the ultimate comfort when staying here since the villa is filled with the best amenities. Furthermore the design used in the villa is also create nice atmosphere all around which will surely make you feel comfortable. You can try to go to enjoy the pool area to have some fun or go to have massage in the spa when you are tired after your daily adventure.

  1. Berry Amour

As the name suggested, this villa has very great and romantic atmosphere which suitable for couple or honeymooners. Of course for other guest who comes for holiday or even for business, the villa will be able to give you the ultimate comfort that you will surely enjoy when staying in Bali. There are high quality amenities provided for the guest to ensure all of your needs are fulfilled. The hospitality of the staffs will surely give added value towards your stay in this villa. You can also enjoy the pool or go to have some massage when you have time.

  1. New Pondok Sara

You will surely enjoy your stay at private pool villas in Seminyak which filled with various luxurious amenities. Every staff member will ensure that you enjoy your stay with them by giving you the best service and hospitality. You can even arrange an airport transport to pick you up when you arrived. The villa also has café where you can relax to enjoy your coffee before going out for your dinner. Or you can also enjoy the other facility such as swimming pool and bar.

  1. RC Villa and Spa

This four star villa will give you the best comfort and convenient access to the various amenities that they provided in the villa. Every room that the guest stays will have luxurious amenities that will suit your modern lifestyle. On the public area you can enjoy free WiFi access, car park and even valet parking to ensure your comfort. You can also be pampered in their in house spa where you can get body treatment, massage or facial to relax your body and mind. You will surely feel at home when you stay in this villa.

  1. Ulin Villa

The best private pool villas in Seminyak already earns many awards thus you should not doubt the service that you will get from their service. Furthermore this villa is located in the middle of eat street where there are a lot of restaurant, fashion shop, and various other attraction that you can do. The villa itself is designed with contemporary Balinese theme but still filled with luxurious amenities to support your lifestyle. Every villa that this resort has is surrounded with garden and comes with private pool. Surely you will be able to enjoy the hospitality of Balinese people and the comfort privacy when you stay here.

  1. Heliconia Villa

This next villa is holding four star rating, so you should not doubt the best things that you will get here. Their amenities, facility and service are all in high standard thus it can suit the need of all travelers that want to have comfortable and luxury living while staying in Bali. The rooms are filled with amenities to ensure you feel comfortable while staying here. You can also take a break from the busy Seminyak crowd by going to the pool or relax yourself in the spa to get your massage.

Those are our ultimate private pool villas in Seminyak list where you can see the best villa to choose from. You can choose one that suit your need and liking.

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