Private Pool Villas in Ubud with Beautiful Sceneries

/Private Pool Villas in Ubud with Beautiful Sceneries

Private Pool Villas in Ubud with Beautiful Sceneries

Private pool villas in Ubud are always popular since the area itself is very popular tourist destination which is why people look for a place to stay here. Ubud is very famous for its beautiful sceneries that you cannot find elsewhere. Furthermore, you will be able to find variety of tourist attraction within the area. Not only beautiful beach and tropical forest, but also Balinese cultural sites are available in this area. To enjoy all of those beautiful surely you will need a few days. That is why; it is better for you to stay in a private villa especially one that has private pool that you can enjoy yourself.

10 Private Pool Villas in Ubud Luxurious and Appealing

  1. Black Penny

There are 10 villas inside the boutique private pool villas in Ubud with very funky and chic design that makes everyone loves it. This resort is located in Agung valley which makes the scenery appears very beautiful and natural. However, among those natural sceneries, you will find several villas with modern amenities which make this place look luxurious and charming. All of the villas inside this resort are set in private so you can enjoy the pool in the privacy of your villa.

  1. Viceroy

For those who want to explore the center of Ubud, you can try to stay in this villa which located only 1.7km away from the main attraction center area. But do not worries as this villa is build in privacy since it is surrounded by tropical jungle which is lust and green. Under the valley, you will be able to find 25 private villas that this resort have. Those villa is filled with modern equipments where the infinity private pool also complete the scenery that you can see from the privacy of your villa.

  1. Uma by Como

As private pool villas in Ubud center, this resort does not seems crowded at all. In fact, it feels like it is separated from other thanks to the beautiful coconut palm that surrounds the villa. You can find the legendary banyan trees around the Tjampuhan Valley where this villa is located which make it even more spectacular.

  1. Royal Pita Maha

In this resort, you will really feel like a royalty since their facility is very luxurious and their scenery is very beautiful. You can view the surrounding forest right from the your big and comfortable bed since it has large glass door. Upon sliding the glass door you can dip yourself directly in the infinity pool that the villa has. The villa also has option for dining in the privacy of your villa by the pool, which make it suitable place to stay if you want to have honeymoon in Bali.

  1. Chapung Se Bali

As beautiful private pool villas in Ubud this resort is located above Osh River on the valley. This makes the area appears more beautiful and cool even in the hot tropical weather. Since the villa is facing out to the ravine, then you will get the best view to see the sunlight above the tropical forest skyline. To enjoy the beautiful surrounding, you do not even need to go out from the comfort of your villa. The living area is created in open air style so you can enjoy everything in privacy.

  1. Anusara

This villa is located near Mounth Batur which makes the view very spectacular. Furthermore, you can go to enjoy the trekking route since it is located near the villa. Of course, you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere by relaxing inside the villa’s private pool.

  1. Kayon

Because of the exotic private pool villas in Ubud that this resort has, the villas will appear like several beautiful tropical temples. The jungle that surrounds the villas might make the resort looks old. However, when you see the luxurious and modern facility that you will get inside the villa, then you would not think that the villa is old anymore. The villa is designed so you would be able to enjoy the beautiful natural surrounding from the comfort of your room. This is why they have glass partition and wooden material in most of the building.

  1. Puri Wulandari

Located above the valley, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of your villa which as private infinity pool that makes it feels surreal. From the pool you can set your eyes to the surrounded sceneries which is very beautiful such as rice paddies which surrounded by the rain forest that makes then appear more magnificent.

  1. Four Season

You surely already know about nexts international private pool villas in Ubud which located in Sayan Street. It is surrounded by tropical forest trees which makes the villa feels comforting and calming. Even when the first time you set your foot in this villa already makes you feel awed by the view. To reach the lobby which surrounded by rooftop pond, then you would need to take suspension bridge. Then you can go down to enter the Ayung Valley where the villa is build. There are various facilities that the resort has which makes you enjoy your stay to the fullest.

  1. Kamandalu

This resort is build on a hillside thus you will really get the best view of the valley with Petanu River crossing it. The resort is created to form some kind of village with beautifully curved garden all across the villas which make them appear more exotic. They also have private villa club with variety of great service such as tea in the afternoon, cocktail, and even breakfast that will be brought directly to your villa. They also offer laundry as their complimentary service which makes staying in this villa more fun. You would not believe that this location can be reached by driving for 10 minutes from the Ubud center.

Those are several private pool villas in Ubud that you can use whenever you visit the island for a holiday. The villas have luxurious facilities and amenities even though it is build in the center of the natural Balinese tropical paradise.

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