Tourist Attractions in Ubud Bali Must Visit and Beautiful

/Tourist Attractions in Ubud Bali Must Visit and Beautiful

Tourist Attractions in Ubud Bali Must Visit and Beautiful

Tourist attractions in Ubud Bali spread around the area and there are various things you can do which makes Ubud very fun place to visit and stay. It is located on the higher part of Bali which makes it beautiful spot to build various landmarks. You can find various cultural building here from the palace to the temples. Not to mention the beautiful surrounding which filled with rice terraces and lush greenery. Here gathered a lot of cultural attraction where you can find crafts and arts that all collectors love. Here are the best attractions that you should visit around Ubud area when you coming to Bali.

10 Tourist Attractions in Ubud Bali

  1. Monkey forest

Even though there are many other places where the monkey resides, this is the most popular tourist attractions in Ubud Bali. Because of this community based attraction has easy access, great location and management. The location is around the side of the main Ubud center overlooking Padangtegal village. This forest is sacred among others thus it is often used as spiritual site as there is cultural temple deep within the forest.

  1. Blanco Museum

This museum used to be the Don Blanco’s house which is a maestro that is born in Philippine. Located on top of a hill, you can see the beautiful Campuhan Valley from this museum. Inside the museum you will be able to enjoy various paintings, illustrated poetry, collages, as well as lithographic artwork.

  1. Tegallalang

As traditional tourist attractions in Ubud Bali, this rice terraces already had been around for centuries. This irrigation system is called as subak and very well known for its beauty especially in SEA region. You can reach this place by driving north from the main area of Ubud to the upland area. Because of its beautiful sceneries, this place is famous among local and foreigners that would come to take some pictures. You can also find several stands around the area which sells souvenirs for the visitors that stops by in the area. Try to visits Pakudui village near the area which famous for their crafting where you can find the popular Garuda figurine which is a mystical creature.

  1. Campuhan

For those who like to walk in trek which is easy and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, then this ridge walk is the best choice. That way you can get away from the main Ubud area which is very busy and crowded to enjoy some nature and fresh air. The hill is very beautiful vista which started from Gunung Lebah toward the natural trek where you can see other joggers along the way.

  1. Elephant Cave Temple

Next tourist attractions in Ubud Bali archaeological site is the most famous in the island, which located on the south part of Bedulu village which is very famous for their historical sites. You can reach this temple by driving to toward the south from the center area ubud for six km. but if you are driving to the northeast from the Denpasar capital, then you need to drive for around one hour. After several rows of stairs down, then you can reach a courtyard which filled with relic. Then you can enter the cave which created from the 11th centuries and filled with carving.

  1. Puri Saren

This is the Balinese palace owned by the royal family of the island. It is located in the best spot in main Ubud road intersection. This is why; this place is also known as the landmark of Ubud area. The palace is build since the 18th centuries and it is kept well by the heirs until today. It is one of the places that you must visit when you come to this island especially when you love local historical things. It has original Balinese architecture that all well preserved especially their beautiful garden. You can see dramatic Balinese dance performance when you come here in the evening.

  1. Pasar Seni

This is the best tourist attractions in Ubud Bali art market that you need to see especially when you love collecting various crafts and arts. It is located right on the other side of the Puri Saren so you can visit it directly after visiting the palace. Here you will be able to find various lightwear shirts, silk scarf, woven basket, bag, or hat, kite, statue, and various other handcrafts. The items here come from neighboring villages such as Payangan, Tegallalang, Pengosekan, as well as Peliatan. As the location is actually very strategic then if you want to shop for souvenir and handicraft then this is the place to go.

  1. Taman Saraswati

This place is water temple that has very beautiful scenery located in the main central ubud area. For those who love to walk leisurely while taking photo and sightseeing then you must stop here in your walk. You can see the beautiful Balinese temple with classical architecture. From their foyer you can see pond which filled with pink lotus. The temple also has open stage where you can see traditional dance performed every evening.

  1. Tegenungan Waterfall

As waterfall tourist attractions in Ubud Bali, it is located in the mid way of Denpasar and Ubud area. Thus; if you are on the way from or to Ubud area, then you can try to stop for a while in this waterfall. Even driving to the spot is very fun to do as the road is filled with lust greenery.

  1. Bird park

Those who want to find local animal such as reptile and bird, then this park is the place to go. Furthermore this tropical garden is as large as two hectares thus it has quite number of bird which taken from around the Indonesia country. The location of this park is in Batubulan village inside Gianyar Regency. Surely it will become unique attraction to those who want to view tropical birds that is very exotic.

Those are several tourist attractions in Ubud Bali that you must visit when you go to this area. As you can see, the area is filled with various attractions so you can really learn and enjoy the real Balinese culture and art here. Moreover those attractions are located near to each other so you can try to visit several places within a day.

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