Best Restaurants in Bali Must Visit by All Travelers

/Best Restaurants in Bali Must Visit by All Travelers

Best Restaurants in Bali Must Visit by All Travelers

Best restaurants in Bali are places that you must visit when you having your trip into this beautiful tropical paradise. There are a lot of restaurants that is high in quality they even win some international awards. Furthermore, those restaurants also serve different kinds of cuisine from all over the world which makes Bali become foodie destination that you must visit. But maybe because there are too many good restaurants, makes it difficult to choose which one to visit. Here are some recommendations of the restaurants that are the best in this field which you might want to visit.

10 Best Restaurants in Bali for Special Dine

  1. BLANCO Par Mandif

As one of Indonesian cuisine best restaurants in Bali, it used to only provide 10 seats. But because of the popularity, they now provide 28 seats. Still you might want to reserve beforehand if you want to get a seat in this restaurant. Here you will find Indonesian cuisine which served in intimate and luxurious setting by Mandif Warokka. The restaurant is located in Ubud where you can see lush garden around it. The interior is also very elegant which makes the gastronomy experience feels more special. You can choose 7 or 9 course meal which will be paired with suitable cocktail or wine for each dish.

  1. Locavore

You really need to have big luck to get a seat in this highly famous restaurant in Ubud, thus it is better when you can book it first long before your arrival. Even though there is ala carte menu, but it is better when you go to degustation route by reserving for their 7 course meal. The restaurant is co owned by Eelke Plasmeijer as well as Ray Adriansyah which win best awards for restaurant in Asia which ranks up for 27 spot while representing Indonesia.

  1. Room4Desert

Now if you crave for something sweet, then this is the go to best restaurants in Bali that you need to visit. It serve drinks and sweets desert for you to enjoy with style. If you love to stay indoors then you can enjoy your cocktail accompanied with degustation dessert menu. If you want to go outdoors then you get to enjoy Spanish tapas with variety of delicious morsels. Come here after dinner to enjoy late night snack while drinking and talking after long day of activity.

  1. Kubu

This restaurant is dubbed as the best fine dining restaurant in the island which is why you should really go to Kubu which located inside Ritz Carlton’s Mandapa. Enjoy the beauty of Ayung River below the restaurant while swiped by the cool tropical breeze. The building is using bamboo as construction to be united with the nature. Here you can enjoy Mediterranean European food created by Maurizio Bombini as the Executive chef. Reserve one of their 6 to 8 course menus for the date of your dream.

  1. Mozaic Restaurant

As international award winning best restaurants in Bali you have to visit this restaurant whenever you come to the tropical island. Furthermore, you would not find the same menu whenever you visit the restaurant as Chris Salans as the chef always change the menu according to the ingredients. Their food is always made from today’s freshest ingredients that comes from local fishermen and planted by local farmers. This legendary gastronomy favorite is combining those local ingredients with French style modern cooking technique to create the best food.

  1. Hujan Locale

Created by Will Meyrick a chef that is famous for his street food creation which filled with Asian taste and serve in luxurious presentation. However, on this new restaurant, you can taste something different from his creative mind. Here, Asian cuisine will be served in fine dining mixed with home cooked feeling and signature flavor from the main chef. You can see why he is very popular as he really creative and daring with his love for gourmet food.

  1. CasCade

Famous best restaurants in Bali that created with thatched roof and Balinese style house is truly favorites by foodies. The restaurant located on the edge of a cliff which overlooking the famous Mount Kawi so you can truly feel the nature while enjoying your meal. The foods itself are made using the best ingredients from all around the world such as Wagyu beef taken directly from Australia, lobster taken directly from Canada as well as foie gras taken directly from France. Here you will truly enjoy fine dining while accompanied by grand piano plays.

  1. Restaurant Nusantara

This restaurant is designed by the same chef that designs Locavore, thus you should not doubt the quality anymore as it serve high end Indonesian cuisine. The bring variety of food from around the Indonesian archipelago which authentic and rich. You can find many dishes with different taste as the archipelago itself is very large and rich with culture. Similar to the previous restaurant, this restaurant is also very famous, so you really need to reserve your seat far ahead when you want to visit it.

  1. Mejekawi

Located on the second stories of Ku De Ta restaurant you can find one of the best restaurants in Bali Seminyak. This fine dining restaurant served their degustation menu with tasting style to make it more welcoming. The interior is designed to be chic but you can still see the beautiful Seminyak beach.

  1. Starfish boo

If you want an outdoor dining experience, then you can try to go this restaurant with open air setting. Here you will find the best and most luxurious seafood meal on the island. The most famous meal time that people usually comes to this restaurant is on Sunday brunch since you can enjoy your meal while viewing beautiful Seminyak beach. Of course, you can come to the restaurant at any day since the view is still as beautiful every day.

Those are the best restaurants in Bali that you should visit when you having your holiday in the island. As you can see, those restaurants are very popular in the area as they all serve high quality dishes that make them earn awards. So you definitely should visit some of them during your trip.

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