What to Do in Bali for 2 Days Itinerary? Plan Your Trip Now!

/What to Do in Bali for 2 Days Itinerary? Plan Your Trip Now!

What to Do in Bali for 2 Days Itinerary? Plan Your Trip Now!

What to do in Bali for 2 days depend on your trip planning and if this is your first time travelling to the so called ‘Island of Gods’ then this tips surely will help you a lot. As one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Bali has so many places to visit from the beaches to the traditional temples and luxury resorts. Of course 2 days are not enough to enjoy Bali to the fullest, but you still can taste a bit of Bali and experience the best moments there if you know what to do. Check some recommended places below to help you planning your vacation.

Here are what to do in Bali for 2 days only

You can still get to see the best of Bali even though you are going to stay for 2 days only. Here are some nice things to do in Bali such as:

Day 1

  1. Daytime:

  • Visit the beaches and enjoy the sun, sand and of course surf

Bali is popular for its beautiful beaches so we bet that you must already included some of the beaches in your plan. For day 1, you can spend a full day in Kuta alone while doing some water activities like surfing or just watching the waves and walking around the area. Near Kuta beach, you can also go to Canggu with its Echo Beach and it is another perfect spot for surfers.

  • Visit traditional and cultural places

Second option is to visit some traditional and cultural places or you can just go to several Bali best temples. What to do in Bali for 2 days cannot be enjoyed fully if you never try to come in the majestic temples like Uluwatu Temple. It is a beautiful sea temple with the best view or you can go to Tanah Lot Temple and they will welcome you with the best Indian sea scenery. Alternatively, you can head up to Garuda Wisnu Kencana as colossal landmark in Bali.

  1. Evening:

  • Enjoy sunset or take a bite of delicious foods and drinks

After your tired activities during daytime, now it is time for you to relaxing a bit. You can enjoy a Bali Sunset in beachfront resorts or simply go to Jimbaran or Kedongan to cool off with cocktails, beers and fresh seafood. For those who planning to visit Uluwatu temple in daytime and stay till sunset to watch spectacular performance of Kecak dance. Other options you can enjoy spending time at Rock Bar.

  • Spend time in a group for party time

What to do in Bali for 2 days can be more memorable during nighttime when you spend at Seminyak or Legian. These two are popular spots for night party with famous hub that cannot be skipped like the Sky Garden Rooftop or the Bounty. You can enjoy all-you-can-eat buffets or drinking some beers. Another option is the new Mirror Lounge with sick tune and laser system party along with a dramatic gothic decoration.

Day 2

  1. Daytime:

  • It is time for you to the highlands viewing natural scenery

Days in Bali can be spent not only in beaches but also at highlands with some beautiful sceneries that waiting you. It will be a worth it travelling since you can discover the best highland view. One of the most popular highland destinations such as Ubud where you can experience many activities such as trekking in green mountains or rafting in white water. you can also enjoy a large view of paddy fields over mountain sides.

  • Discover secret temples or landmarks

If you already mesmerized with the majestic sea temples in day one, then you should try to discover larger and more ornate temples and landmarks in Bali. You just need to walk or drive for few minutes from Ubud central to the Tirta Empul Temple with holy water and purification pools sourced from the natural springs. You can also go to Gunung Kawi Temple decorated with towering stone shrines or visit Padangtegal monkey forest which is a home for macaques and there is a secret temple in there as well.

  • Shop for souvenirs and accessories

What to do in Bali for 2 days if you did not bring some souvenirs or accessories back to home then it would not complete. You should buy souvenirs that remind you about your wonderful time in Bali. Go to Ubud Art Market to find local souvenirs or Sukawatir and Guwang where you can try your haggling skill.

  1. Evening:

  • Enjoy romantic or memorable dinner

Ends your day by tasting some of Bali delicious dinner on the central of Bali or you can take a romantic garden dining décor at Mozaic where you can enjoy French cuisine. Alternatively, have a dinner at contemporary restaurant of The Sayan House Ubud where you can take a bite of Asian dishes made from Japanese chef.

  • Watching cultural performances

What to do in Bali for 2 days can be spent by watching cultural performances. You can head to their famous cultural spot with open stages which feature spectacular traditional Balinese dance and orchestras. If you like more modern performance then go to Bali Agung Show where indoor stage is held with high technology theater. You will be amazed by their impressive stage performances and visual effects.

Where to stay in Bali for 2 days?

Lastly, you also need to plan Bali itinerary including your accommodation like places to stay during your trip. There are so many hotels and guesthouse with affordable prices in Bali and some of them offering the best beachfront view. If you prefer private villas then you can rent them at Komaneka at Bisma which situated in Ubud or Four Seasons at Jimbaran. If you trying to search luxury resorts then go to The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah at Ubud or AYANA resort that offering one of the best views of natural scenery.

Those are some recommendations of what to do in Bali for 2 days only and hope it will help you a lot for planning the perfect holiday trip.

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