5 Bali Honeymoon Guide for Perfect and Romantic Trip

/5 Bali Honeymoon Guide for Perfect and Romantic Trip

5 Bali Honeymoon Guide for Perfect and Romantic Trip

This is a Bali honeymoon guide where you can found step by step planning your romantic and luxurious honeymoon with your partner. As a couple, of course you must be a dream to have perfect and wonderful time together during honeymoon trip while still trying to keep the costs down as much as possible. In Bali, there are many incredible staying places with amazing views that will make you and your partner to falling in love all over again. Want to know the full list? Check some of them below!

Some note of perfect Bali honeymoon guide

  1. How long you have to stay for your honeymoon in Bali?

If you are planning to visit Bali then the minimum length of stay is about 5 days 4 nights. And if you are working then what you need to do is simply take 3 days leave off work plus 2 days of the weekend to set your vacation. Of course it is always better to stay longer in this wonderful place since Bali has so many tourism spots to explore and even a week cannot fully make it!

  1. Where to stay in Bali honeymoon guide

Bali has so many luxurious places to visit such as Uluwatu, Seminyak and Ubud or Gianyar. Some of them have gorgeous views along with romantic restaurants and bars, fun activities and beach club suitable best for couples. If you planning to stay in Bali for 5D4N only then we suggest you need to split your trip in 2 areas and some of the best places such as:

  • Uluwatu or Seminyak for 2 nights

You can pick want to visit either Uluwatu or Seminyak, both of them are great tourism spots especially for honeymoon couples and they offer ocean views. Seminyak is popular for its cafes and shops line up, meanwhile Uluwatu is a place for you who want to avoid crowded area and spend a time in quiet place with gorgeous Cliffside location.

  • Ubud for 2 nights

Try to spend for 2 days at Ubud if you want to relax your tired body after a long journey and activities. Ubud provides different vibe compared with Uluwatu or Seminyak since it is more artsy, natural and cultural that can soothe your minds.

  1. Some of romantic things to do in Bali

We are all agrees that Bali has so many things to do and suitable for couples, such as:

  • Seminyak

Seminyak is full of cute cafes and bars with great parties plus amazing shopping spots. You can try to enjoy those places or visit some best attractions like Seminyak beach for surfing or catch a breathe in peaceful place, Toko Emporium to go homeware shopping and Totem Room Escape which offer thrilling adventure and game for couples.

  • Uluwatu

Bali honeymoon guide adventure in Uluwatu by wandering in beautiful mysterious caves or relaxing in secret beaches and admiring cliff top views are some of the list you can do. Just go to Suluban beach which offer incredible view that looks almost like a Pirates of Caribbean movie set. Alternatively, there is Nyang Nyang beach, a hidden beach with white sandy beach lined by green cliff. Uluwatu also has this famous temple called Pura Luhur Uluwatu where tourists often come to take a tour.

  • Ubud

In Ubud, there are so many things to do from visiting temples to take a yoga retreats and you can even doing mountain hiking. Among all the wonderful places in Ubud, there is Tegenungan Waterfall. It is the best place for couples who like to enjoy refreshing retreats with natural green views and perfect fresh water flowing from the top that makes a nice sight. The Green Village is also another pretty area to be explored; it has tropical feeling with those rice fields and spectacular mansion made from bamboo.

  1. Places to have romantic dinner in Bali honeymoon guide

If you want to have unforgettable romantic dinner with your partner during your honeymoon journey then there are few selected restaurants you can visit, such as:

  • Seminyak

Metis restaurant in Seminyak is one of the best restaurants in Bali where you can take a bite of your favorite French cuisine. In addition, they also offer romantic location along with pretty gardens and lotus ponds. Another enjoyable and luxurious dinner place is La Laguna, it is a unique restaurant with rustic decoration and small petting zoo of ducks and peacocks that roaming for free.

  • Uluwatu

In Uluwatu and Jimbaran, there is Balique restaurant situated in open joglo decorated in vintage design. They will welcome you with helmet stores and motorbike repair, European armchairs, hanging lamps and some antique cashier machine. This restaurant serves wide variety of cuisines featuring tastes from Asia, France and Morocco.

  • Ubud

A nice restaurant with pretty wooden deck by the riverside can be experienced in Swept Away restaurant. It gives you relaxing feeling in some romantic dining area of Samaya resort. The best thing about this place is that there are around 100 magical candles decorations to create lovely dining atmosphere. Alternatively, go to KE-PI-TU restaurant where you can take a dinner with your partner in tropical Balinese floating sky roof deck. It is known for delicious wide range of Indonesian dishes.

  1. How much you should spend in Bali?

Of course you should plan on how much money you want to spend during your honeymoon in Bali. The best Bali honeymoon guide is to set aside at least around $403USD per person for luxury and romantic but affordable trip. Just like we mentioned above, you can spend for 2 nights in either Uluwatu or Seminyak and then spend 2 nights more at Ubud. The budget is already includes accommodation, transports, food and activities.

Of course you can always feel free to plan and set your own budget for more or less according to your need. However, if you like to treat yourself in some drinking and shopping, maybe you have to set aside some extra cash for emergencies things. Hope this Bali honeymoon guide helps you to get an excited trip for your romantic travels with your husband or wife!

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