Romantic Things to Do in Bali on Honeymoon

/Romantic Things to Do in Bali on Honeymoon

Romantic Things to Do in Bali on Honeymoon

Romantic things to do in Bali varied so everyone will surely find something that they like when having their honeymoon in this tropical island. Having your getaway in the tropical island means you can explore beautiful beaches or watching stunning views from the cliff top. But do not forget that Bali is also famous for their extravagant nightlife. This is why a lot of people choose to go to Bali to search for the perfect background for their escapade. Here are some of the most romantic things that you can do when you visit this beautiful island paradise.

10 Romantic Things to Do in Bali for Couples

  1. Movie night

Movie night had always been a romantic thing that is done by many couple. That is why in this island movie night had also becomes one of the most romantic things to do in Bali that many couples do. But you do not go to a movie theater to have your movie night. Instead you watch the movie in Karma beach with romantic setting. This outdoor theater is filled with beach chairs and several lanterns to add more on the romantic atmosphere. The beach itself is surrounded by limestone cliff which makes it a private area that can only be access by selected view through Karma private club.

  1. Horse ride

For those who love to do some adventure on their outing, you can try to have a romantic ride using horse in Bali. There is Equestrian Center in Bali with international standard to ensure your safety and satisfaction. This place is not only a go to site for Olympians or show jumper but also for celebrities that want to try horse riding in tropical atmosphere. The center has 5 stars on the rating which shows their quality to carter for beginners or professional equally. You can rent the horse for 2 hours ride in the beach with stunning view. It is truly a movie like experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

  1. Make Romantic wish

In Bali there is a giant banyan that already been around for 750 years located on Gesing village. This giant tree is loved by many local people and believed that there is a spirit that lives in the tree. This tree already reached 85 foot for the height which makes it stunning and rare view for you to see during your escapade. Do not forget to make romantic wish as your romantic things to do in Bali as the local believe that your wish will come true when you make it under this tree.

  1. Take sky tour ride

A local company called Mason has a unique kind of tour around the island that you cannot find anywhere else. Instead of a normal city tour with a bus, this company provides helicopter that you can take for a tour around the island. You will see the whole island in bird eye point of view which will surely stun you from its beauty. They will take you to fly above the coastlines, rivers, temples and even caldera of Mouth Batur which will surely awe you.

  1. Romantic beach getaway

Sometimes, the beaches are overcrowded which makes you cannot enjoy the best time for romantic things to do in Bali. If that happens, then you need to find a hidden beach located in Nusa Dua named Gunung Payung. This beach is very remote thus not many people visit it. So if you really want to enjoy this beach make sure you bring your own water and snack.

  1. Diner on the beach

Ever dream of having romantic things to do in Bali beach which is dining while watching the sunset? You can make your dream come true when you go to Jimbaran restaurant since they provides sunset dinner on their by the beach restaurant. Enjoy the spectacular sunset view while sipping on cocktail then continue by enjoying your dinner. There is seafood package that is very delicious and made using freshly caught ingredients by local fishermen. They also provides ala carte menu for you to choose from if you want other selection. For the best experience, try to book a table exclusively so they will set it up on the beach with beautiful decoration separated from any other quest.

  1. Take a romantic cruise

If you want to spoil your partner, then try to take a luxurious cruise in catamaran. There is also Batako band which will make your day more romantic by singing serenade for your trip. Do not forget to request your song to surprise your partner even more. End the day by having romantic dinner while watching the sunset above the water which makes the view even more stunning.

  1. Dine overlooking paddy field

Famous romantic things to do in Bali scene in Bali are their paddy fields which looks very beautiful and romantic so you should really see it with your own eyes. Do not worry as Sardine Restaurant is build overlooking the rice field with beam made from bamboo and platform so you can have the perfect view of the field.

  1. Viewing rare rice terrace

Another famous scene that you should see is the Tegallalang. This rice terrace is uniquely structure created by hand by the traditional rice farmer in Bali. The field is created on the valley by crafting the slopes to create flat field to plant the rice. This is why; the rice terrace appears unique and stunning.

  1. Relaxing in spa

By the end of your trip, do not forget to have a relaxing day in the spa to remove all of the fatigue away. Spring Spa located in offers couple package that you can enjoy with your partner. You can choose their 90 minutes or 60 minutes package where you will be spoiled and pampered in romantic things to do in Bali spa.

Those are the best romantic things to do in Bali list that you should do when you are having your honeymoon in this beautiful island getaway. As you can see, there are various choices for those who enjoy different things.

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