The Ultimate List of Bali Travel Guide Best to Learn

/The Ultimate List of Bali Travel Guide Best to Learn

The Ultimate List of Bali Travel Guide Best to Learn

The ultimate list of Bali travel will inform you about everything you need to know before having vacation on this tropical paradise. There are various things that you need to learn so you can enjoy the vacation without worrying about anything. Here is some information that you need to know.

The Ultimate List of Bali Travel Things to Learn Beforehand

  1. When to go

The peak season to go to this island is during December, August and July but remember that throughout December until March it would be wet season. On wet season the price will usually drop but the sea will have more garbage than usual.

  1. Flight to the island

There are various airlines that you can use to go to the island with different fares so you can choose one according to your budget. Recommended airline would be Garuda which owned by Indonesia thus you would be able to get to the island easily.

  1. Arrival date

Upon arrival at Denpasar, you will see a lot of taxi drivers offer you for a ride right outside the international airport, but according to the ultimate list of Bali travel their price is often higher than normal. It would be better when you can arrange shuttle pick up with your hotel. Or you can walk to the Taxi rank that has fix price according to the destination. It is located on the right side of the exit.

  1. Going around

You might think that the island is small, but as seen on the ultimate list of Bali travel guide it has various attractions that you can visit. To reach them, you can try to hire a motorbike ride for cheaper cost. But if you want to go to various places, it is better to hire car day trip with local driver on your hotel as cheaper and efficient choice. If the distance is short you can try to walk or use Blue Bird since it is the best taxi in the country.

Areas to Stay in Bali

Since Bali has various areas to stay, you need to do some research first. Each area has different scenery and atmosphere so you can choose one based on your liking.

  1. Sanur

This coastal area is a lot quiet and relax compared to the other area so it is suitable for those who want to enjoy relax and quiet time while traveling. It also has very long beach where a lot of famous restaurant and hotels resides. Thus you can really enjoy the view from everywhere within the area.

  1. Legian and Kuta

It is the center and most popular area in the island, so you can imagine how busy the area. But it is filled with various attractions, hotels, shops and restaurants so you can do everything within reach said the ultimate list of Bali travel.

  1. Canggu

This area is famous for their surfing beaches, so if you are a surfer or want to learn surfing during your travel, you can try to stay in this area. The unique thing about this area, is that it is covered by rice paddles around the area which creates different surfing experience for you to enjoy.

  1. Seminyak

This area is very famous among foreigners since there are various attractions available. You can even find branded shops, spas, beach clubs, and many others. Those who are looking to stay in an area and enjoy their surrounding can find almost everything here.

  1. Jimbaran

This area is located near the airport and very famous for their beach restaurants that serves fresh seafood. If you enjoy the ultimate list of Bali travel seafood, you can try to stay in this area.

  1. Ubud

This area is the upper area of the island where everything is lust and green. You will be able to see rice paddies as well as rain forest when you stay in this area.

  1. Nusa Dua

This area deemed to be the upper class area thus most of the time, the price is higher compared to others. But the best beaches, services and sceneries are also located in this area so it is all worth it.

  1. Uluwatu

This area is filled with various cultural attraction and beautiful temples that you love from the island. Those who want to enjoy exotic Balinese attraction can try to stay here.

Things to Do

For those who are looking for things to do in this beautiful island will get overwhelmed. Especially since; there are various attractions that you can enjoy during your visit. Here are some of them:

  1. Kecak dance

This dance is very famous local dance that is also beautiful to watch. The performance itself is dominated by vocals instead of gamelan music which makes it very exotic. Go to Uluwatu temple to enjoy this performance.

  1. Island hopping

Besides Bali, this area in Indonesia is very famous for different kinds of exotic islands. You can try to do island hopping and visit neighboring islands for a day or two during your trip. Try to visit Nusa Lembongan, Gili Island and Lombok during your travel.

  1. Snorkeling

Those who want to enjoy the ultimate list of Bali travel in the ocean must go snorkeling to see the beautiful underwater scenery that this island has. There are various vendors on the beach that offer this service, or you can arrange one with your hotel.

  1. Eat seafood

Those who love seafood will truly enjoy the dishes in Bali. Especially since the ingredients are very fresh as they are caught by the local fishermen. Go to Jimbaran beach to enjoy the food while seeing the best view in the island.

  1. Learn yoga

Besides India, this island is also famous for their yoga. Those from beginners to expert love to do yoga in this island as the surrounding really beautiful and relaxing. Some hotels even have free lesson for their quests every day that you can take. Or you can arrange a private lesson when necessary.

Those are the ultimate list of Bali travel that you need to learn before coming to this beautiful tropical island. Try to plan your travel ahead to ensure you have enough budgets to do everything that you want. The prices in Bali are varied so you can definitely found anything within your budget.

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