Best Rice Terraces in Ubud with Beautiful Landscape

/Best Rice Terraces in Ubud with Beautiful Landscape

Best Rice Terraces in Ubud with Beautiful Landscape

Best rice terraces in Ubud is the one that people want to see whenever they visit Bali as this scenery is very unique and beautiful. This scenery is very inspiring and beautiful which makes it seems ethereal. Furthermore there are expands of rice terraces all around the Ubud countryside. Some of them even stretch along until the horizon, which you can see in various pictures taken in Ubud. Surely after seeing the picture, you really want to see the picturesque landscape yourself. Furthermore, this place often become a must have backdrop for selvies in Bali done by many people.

History of Balinese Rice Terraces

The rice terraces concept is created by the farmers hundreds of years ago. When they first wants to create their rice field, they are facing difficult landscape to work since the area is filled with mountains that are quite steep as well as gorges that are quite deep. Surely those landscapes are not very ideal to be used as rice field. In order to reduce the burden that the farmers are facing, they then create subak as a way to share water between the communities. Because of this new method, they then able to grow their rice up and down the mountains and hills. And by which also creates the beautiful landscape that we can see today.

Ubud is one of the areas in Bali where you can see these beautiful rice terraces. Especially since; this area is located in the center of the island where a lot of other beautiful attractions also located. Thus many people prefer to go to this area in search of the best rice terraces in Ubud Bali. You would not be disappointed when doing so, since there are indeed some of the best rice terraces which located in Ubud. Not to mention that the area filled with lust green forest which surround the area and the rice terrace and makes them more beautiful. It is also the area of culture so you will be able to find various Balinese cultural sites. There are various things that you can do in the area, but do not forget about the rice terraces since those are really the highlight of your journey.

Ubud Town Center Best Rice Terraces in Ubud

This area is quite busy area since it is the town center, however, you can actually find one of the best rice terraces in Ubud Bali around the area. Do not go to the main trail of the town center, instead go to the other side where you can find lust green rice terrace field which very beautiful to see. You can even walk all through the rice field to truly enjoy its beauty from within. Furthermore, you can even stop in one of the local temple along the way to see one of Bali cultural sites. This trail can be completed in around 1.5hours which could be the best way that you can use to escape from the busy crowd in the central area and enjoy the nature. not many tourist will visit this area so you can enjoy the beauty in quiet and relax atmosphere.

Tegallalang Best Rice Terraces in Ubud

It is the most famous best rice terraces in Ubud landscape that is very well known even to the foreigners. The reason might be because it is very easy to reach the area and of course the beauty of the terrace itself. If you are searching about rice terrace in Bali, then the first thing that you will find might be this one. Located in countryside the rice terrace area is surrounded by towering trees which makes the area even more beautiful. Furthermore the farmer usually harvest and plant the rice paddies in any time of the year so you will most likely see it in its full glory when visiting.

It is better if you get to this place as early as possible since you would want to see the scenery yourself before the crowd start to come. Or you can try to go further if you want to avoid the crowd. There you can really enjoy the view by yourself and get the best background for your picture. If you want to buy souvenirs there are some shops owner by the entrance that sells various Balinese souvenirs. The entrance is free, so try to purchase something on the shop to support them.

Penestanan Best Rice Terraces in Ubud

Another best rice terraces in Ubud that you can find is Penestanan Village. The area is slowly growing its popularity but you can rarely see tourist when visiting this area. As the location is around 4km away when measured from the center of Ubud, the area itself is very quiet. Thus it can be a good alternative for those who want to enjoy rural part of the island without having to compete with other tourist. You can even try to see the local farming doing their daily work in the field and some children playing around the area when you going through the field walk.

You only need around 30 minutes to do the field walk since the trek is not that long. Then you can take a rest in several restaurant and cafes inside the village to enjoy the view more. You can even stay for the night at the village if you like. But you can easily go to the village using taxi or renting motorbike.

Those are several best rice terraces in Ubud that you can try to visit whenever you go to Ubud area. Tourist can go to this area in any time of the year. However if you want to get the best of everything, you might want to go during the high season which is from April towards September. During those months the area will be most of the time dry. Try to go to the field before sunrise so you can see the beautiful sunrise which different from other scenery in the island. You not only able to see sunrise by the sea but you can also see it by the rice terrace in Ubud.

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