Most Famous and Best Beach Club Bali with Wonderful Atmosphere

/Most Famous and Best Beach Club Bali with Wonderful Atmosphere

Most Famous and Best Beach Club Bali with Wonderful Atmosphere

Finding the best beach club Bali will help the travelers to fully enjoy their holiday moment. Bali is a home to wide variety of beach clubs in different range of price since some are free entrance and while others require some charge. Take your trip to visit the beach club where you can sip cocktails, doing water activities/ sport, and watch the spectacular sunsets while you playing with the white sand beneath your feet. We will help you to find several amazing beach with the list below.

The best beach club Bali recommended list

  1. Potato Head beach club

If you want to spend free time in a tropical environment with contemporary look then you should try to visit Potato Head beach club. This is on top of our most recommended list of best beach club Bali with endless delicious dishes of your choice as well. It is one of the most famous beach clubs in Bali crowded with tourists so it is better to get there as nearly as possible or at least by 11 am to avoid afternoon queues before the sunsets. In there you can sip tasty cocktails while listening to both international and local DJs playing their smooth tunes. You can visit when there are big live shows too; just take a note of their events calendar.

  1. Sundays beach club

Sunday beach club offers the best beach club Bali with a great view of white sand and a clear blue ocean. This beach located in Uluwatu and one of the most popular beach clubs in Bali brings good combination of sea, sun and sand in one attraction. To get there, visitors need to take escalator down to the secret oasis for gorgeous hang out until the sun goes down. Top-notch drinks are served with gourmet menu and you can take a bite of delicious fresh seafood. You can also experience great water activities like kayaking, snorkeling or paddle boarding or you just spend the time while stick around bonfires.

  1. La Brisa beach club

This beach club opened only in 2017 and so this is rather new but already got plenty of favorite and satisfied reviews from visitors. The beach situated in a quiet shoreline of Echo Beach in Canggu with awesome pool and this is mean you can have luxury swimming activities. You can also take a sip of your favorite tropical cocktails like the ‘Dragon Breath’ while watching the sun goes down beautifully. La Brisa is the newest member of La Familia group which consists of not only beach clubs but also many collections of restaurants and bars. You have to spend around $13.10USD to enjoy visiting this place.

  1. Manarai beach house

Manarai beach house which located in Nusa Dua is the only tourism spot consists of beach club, wine shop and restaurant combo on this island. You will be welcomed by the crystal clear of blue ocean, warm and comfortable violet daybeds and dazzling pools which can be used for swimming and there are more than one! As a part of ISMAYA group, the beach club is not only a place where you can take a sip of tasty cocktails, but you can also enjoy some night dancing or watching the sun sails from east to the west. The place is open since morning where you can eat breakfast or take a grab of some lunchtime and afternoon snacks.

  1. Ku De Ta beach club

Ku De Ta is a popular beach club Seminyak in Bali and it is continues to wow the tourists with elegant and simple party vibes. The famous beach club as well as restaurant is can be skipped when you visit the paradise. Visitors can eat breakfast or brunch by the beach just like a boss or playing in their infinity pool or simply spending time with a romantic dinner at a decking restaurant. For the next level culinary experience, do not forget to head their Mejekawi to see their wonderful modern kitchen.

  1. OMNIA Dayclub

Unlike others best beach club Bali, the OMNIA Dayclub which located in Uluwatu is a high destination offering international luxury scene. It has sky high playground decorated just like celebrities-like lounging spots along with nice cocktails, jaw dropping designs, and dramatic sceneries. You can expect nice tune from some favorite international and local DJs as well as an award winning restaurant from the beach club, Sake no Hana.

  1. Tropicola beach club

Want to find a place where you can enjoy what it feels like to spend some time in tropical environment? Tropicola will be the best choice since the place is surrounded with tall palm trees and featured bars and pools. Tropicola situated on 7000 square meter of beachfront area with 3 bars on multiple levels, 2 big pools and open kitchen ready to prepare your delicious meals and cocktails. No wonder that it is very recommended best beach club Bali for many tourists.

  1. Komune beach club

Komune is a must-to-go beach spot for those who want to spend time in 5-star surfing area. This place also accommodate a comfortable rest area full of beanbags, large pool and hammocks so the visitors can take some place and be ready to watch the sunset goes down. In addition, try the tasty menu of the restaurant which serves healthy juices, colorful cocktails, authentic pizzas, delicious fresh seafood, and others dishes ready to be grabbed out. You can decide to stay just a day or if you want to stay longer, you can rent some of cool villas and rooms.

  1. Ibiza beach club

Ibiza takes a place in Jimbaran designed with European atmosphere and a complete beachfront Jimbaran style view. You want to take some delicious Spanish cuisine? Then Ibiza surely can satisfy your need. It also a nice area where you can enjoy white sandy beach, swim up bar, pretty glass aquarium pool, rooftop lounge and daybeds. Just do not forget to bring the bikini to fully enjoy your time with some water activities in the pool.

If you have other recommendations of best beach club Bali then we are very glad if you want to share them with us too! Have a wonderful holiday!

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