On Budget Luxury Spas in Bali Recommendations

/On Budget Luxury Spas in Bali Recommendations

On Budget Luxury Spas in Bali Recommendations

Visit luxury spas in Bali during your holiday trip is a must if you want to fully get memorable and the best vacation in this so called South East Asia relaxation capital. If the place you stay does not offer you a body treatment and massages then there is a day spa in Bali that has exactly what your body need. Even though they are all serve luxury services, but some of them still quite affordable. A full and complete list of wide variety of Bali spas are below.

Complete list of luxury spas in Bali

  1. Mason Elephant Park & Lodge

Want to experience the most unique spa treatment in Bali surrounded by elephants? Then you totally need to visit Mason Elephant Park & Lodge where you can enjoy full massages in a safari-like environment. This place situated in tropical forest and botanical gardens where elephants can roam for free so you can allow yourself to take a spa while viewing the gentle animals. And you even do not need to stay at the lodge and you just need to spend about $41USD and it is already include breakfast plus a tour in the river with elephants.

  1. Maya Ubud Spa

Well, maybe it is not a place for your affordable budget experience; however since it is so incredible thus you totally need to visit even just once. It is a resort plus spa situated in hidden location alongside Petanu River which surrounded by gorgeous tropical forest and garden. This is one of the most recommended luxury spas in Bali that offers not only body treatments but also relaxation for minds. You can take a one day spa or just stay in the resort to enjoy full natural view of green scenery. For cheap option then you can take 30 minute flower or herbal bath.

  1. Tjampuhan Spa

It is one of the best outdoor luxury spas in Bali where you can enjoy natural view while relaxing your body with some massage. The place located in secret area at Ubud and it is facilities in Tjampuhan hotel which situated at the base of valley meters away from Ubud’s flowing river. It consists of semi-open pavilions with traditional atmosphere and and hot/ cold Jacuzzi made from stone cavern. The spa offers both beauty and healing treatments, you do not need to be a guest in the hotel since you can enjoy a half day spa by spending around $7.25USD and it is already include hot and cold baths, steam room and sauna.

  1. La Joya

La Joya which location near Balangan Beach is designed with traditional roof villas and it is one of the most luxury spas in Bali area Jimbaran. As an open massage villa, La Joya offers both mind and body treatments with intimate scenery of natural landscape. You can option wide range of massages from Ayurvedic massage to both traditional Balinese and Thai massages plus they even offers hot stone therapy. The visitors can use incredible elevated plunge pool and experience spectacular endless ocean. As for the price, the traditional massage priced around $15USD while optional of hot shower and body scrub need additional cost of $7USD.

  1. Karsa Spa


You want to get an amazing massage right in the mountains? Then you need to go to Karsa Spa with professional and trained Reiki massage practitioners. In there you will be able enjoy not only special body treatments but also Ayurvedic organic oils, relaxing decorated rooms which match with its wonderful surroundings. Since the spa area located on top of the small mountain, the guests can view the grounds that offer stunning verdant paddy fields, trickling waterfalls and tropical flora. You can say Karsa is one of those luxury Spas in Bali but with affordable budget since you only need to spend from about $11USD for an hour Balinese massage.

  1. Aquaria Bali, Candidasa

Aquaria Bali located in Candidasa is a place far from crowded Kuta to make sure the guests can enjoy their spa day with some quietness and thus this is the best family massage Bali as well. It is a contemporary designed resort built near a wonderful area where you can relax your body while experience tropical scenery of palm tree and ocean view right on the front. They have trained staffs and you can choose wide variety of massages including traditional Balinese and Chinese healing treatments. The services start from about $8.80 USD for an hour traditional massage.

  1. Gajah Mina Spa

With gentle and green serene view, Gajah Mina Spa located in province of Tabanan. The place offering 12 villas and it is a boutique resort set on 2 hectares of tropical gardens. The spa rooms are what you needed the most since it is perched on a headland facing up a wonderful hidden beach good for surfing as well as Menjan Beach on the other side. As budget spas but with luxury decoration place, the room will keep you relaxing from the soothing ocean wind that helps your mind staying clear. The spa offers wide selection of massages including classic Balinese treatment with scented oils and after that, you can enjoy flower bath too. To be able to experience a day in this spa, you have to spend starting from $12USD for one hour Balinese massage.

  1. Lulur Day Spa

In this authentic area, you can experience a wonderful bliss of classic Balinese massage while enjoying one of the most beautiful coral island views in Bali. The spa situated in Batu Karang Resort, Lembongan Island and the place itself almost surrounded by the ocean. The spa features body treatments to make sure the guests feel comfortable while the spa room designed to ensure you escape from stressed and tired activities. It is one of the most recommended luxury spas in Bali starting from $32USD.

Make sure you check all the list if you have time when you visit the ‘Island of Gods’. Most of these affordable luxury spas in Bali offering the best views that you will enjoy. If you have more recommendations then do not hesitate to tell us as well!

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