8 Secret Beaches in Bali That You Never Visited

/8 Secret Beaches in Bali That You Never Visited

8 Secret Beaches in Bali That You Never Visited

You may do not want to miss or skip some secret beaches in Bali since they are mostly offer unique and one-of-a-kind atmosphere that you won’t get from any other famous beaches. This is a place that you can spend quality time with your families and friends while lazying around or take a break time. The fact that most tourists who come to Bali always targeted collection of beaches makes us list several hidden beaches which you might be never know before as well.

Try to visit these secret beaches in Bali for perfect destinations

Try to discover secret and hidden Bali beaches will give you the most satisfied feeling. Some of the list such as:

  1. Suluban

We are pretty sure that you will get the best experience visiting this beach since it is one of the most Bali’s unique tourism spots. You can access the place via steps and ramps narrow gaps in the rock to go to this small beach consists of looming cliff face and huge waves which perfect for surfers. Although Suluban maybe is not too ideal for sunbathing, however it offers attractive and superior scenery. In addition, there are several mini caves and rocky openings which you can explore added to your amazing adventure.

  1. Balangan

This is also one of the most favorite surfing spot located near New Kuta Golf Course. Balangan share the same area just like Dreamland just divided by a small headland and set only one kilometer apart. Near the area, there is popular signature Hole 15 for golf players who comes visit the golf course where they can view perfect scenery from both the beach and the sea. It is also one of the best beaches for swimming in Bali although you should a note that it is mostly a playground for surfers.

  1. Dreamland

Well, maybe this is place is not a secret anymore since there are already so many tourists know this place. But, it stills a perfect place for you to spend time wander around walking on white sandy beach. The place secluded by tall cliffs and surrounded by seascape. Several small shops and peddlers can be found near the beach as well offers various cold drinks and beers. During local holidays, it will be very crowded and thus if you want less tourists you may want to avoid the peak season. This is also the place where you can enjoy dramatic sunsets and be able to swimming freely in some sections.

  1. Karma

Karma beach formerly known as Nammos beach is a private place where you have not only water activities, but also perfect culinary. As one of the secret beaches in Bali, there is a unique way to access the spot. Tourists can access with funicular that down the cliff where the blue sea and white sandy beach await. Arrive there, you will be welcomed by tropical scenery and 5-star services for visitors who want to lazying around while drinking cocktails or tasting delicious Mediterranean influenced dishes.

  1. Padangbai

Padangbai consists of small hidden beaches which are great for those who want to find spots for snorkeling and diving. There are so many secret beaches in Bali near as well as small bay such as the Blue Lagoon that offers beautiful walk of white sandy beach. There is also Bias Tugel with blue waters and calm atmosphere perfect for relaxing time on the sand or under parasols. Padangbay itself known as the main seaport in east Bali, however it is not that busy and thus you can still enjoy your time and even swimming in this hidden gem.

  1. Padang Padang

Padang Padang beach located several kilometers away between Uluwatu and Bingin. It is one of the best secret beaches in Bali for surfers that features stunning 100 meters of long stretch sand and it can be accessible easily by down flight of stairs. During good weather, the ocean have huge waves and it is a perfect world class spot for surfers and that’s why the beach is also a common place for international surfing events and it held frequently. Once you arrive there, you will be greeted by blue waters and fine white sand with gorgeous sight. Near the beach, there are several local shops offering drinks and souvenirs.

  1. Green Bowl

Let’s go to south Bali where the Green Bowl beach takes place. To get this place, you should go to Jalan Bali Cliff and from there just go directly to derelict hotel and you will spot a parking area before you step down to arrive in the beach. As one of the secret beaches in Bali, this is definitely a hidden gem where you can view and explore several caves and corals. It is a secluded beach with enough parking lot and small warungs selling cold drinks, snacks and fresh coconuts. This is also a nice place for surfers.

  1. Sunday/ Finn’s beach

Sunday beach or also formerly known as Finn’s beach is another private beach. The beach stand right below cliff top resort and outside tourists charged about 250,000 IDR to be able to spend time in this beach and it is worth it since you can also order foods and drinks that deducted from that deposit. In addition, the only access is by funicular. It only takes about 2 minutes to arrive at the spot by descending two hillsides and just take some steps from the lobby and pool. Near the area, you can spend a quiet time in the club’s beach where you can enjoy some dishes while accompany your families and friends that playing around in the beach. Overall, it is a great choice for less crowded and laid back day of your holiday.

Some of the secret beaches in Bali are not only offer perfect place for you to spend few hours of walking or done water sports. You can also try to look for a place to stay since it is easy to find hotels or resorts with affordable price if you want to stay for more than a day.

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