What to See in Bali to Get the Best Experience

/What to See in Bali to Get the Best Experience

What to See in Bali to Get the Best Experience

What to see in Bali with beautiful scenery and tourist attraction that will give the best experience during your holiday trip. Bali is the island of the Gods; this is why it has a lot of exotic things that you can see during your trip. However since there are many things to do in Bali, sometimes it is overwhelming especially to those that come to this island the first time. But do not worries as we have gathered the best things that you should see in Bali whether it is the first time or even when you already come to this island many times.

Top 10 of What to See in Bali for Best Experience

  1. Tanah Lot

When you ask what to see in Bali cultural things, then you should really visit Tanah Lot. This temple is unlike any other. It is built on a giant rock which located right on the beach line so you will be able to enjoy the beach as well as Balinese temple culture at the same time. Furthermore sunset view in this beach is amazing since you can see the temple at the same time which makes the view even more gorgeous.

  1. Uluwatu temple

This temple is very unique since it is known as sea temple because it is built on the edge of a cliff in southwestern part of Bukit peninsula. From this cliff you can see the ocean view which makes the temple appear even more beautiful. Especially; during sunset since you can see the sun that goes down behind the temple and into the sea. Do not forget that when you go there during sunset, you should visit the open air amphitheatre where a traditional kecak dance which very popular in Bali will be held.

  1. Jatiluwih

When you are searching what to see in Bali rice field, there is another unique one called Jatiluwih. This rice field is located on the upland area of the western part of the island. It has amazing view since the landscape is very dramatic and exotic.

  1. Tegallalang

This is one of the most famous rice fields in SEA region that you should visit whenever you are in Bali. The unique landscape that the farmers build in the hill slope makes the view really amazing to see. On the side of the roads around the rice field you can find various restaurants where you can dine while enjoying this amazing view. Furthermore, the location is near to the Ubud area which is filled with other tourist attraction so you can stop by when you are going there.

  1. Monkey Forest

Then what to see in Bali Ubud area after you go to the Tegallalang, and then you can go to this forest. The monkey here is believed to be sacred and there is a temple deep within the forest that makes the experience more interesting. This area is truly a place for both that loves scientific research and also those that is more spiritual since you can learn more about the cultural aspect of this forest. Outside the forest you can find various small shops that offered various crafts and arts that are related to Bali culture.

  1. Goa Gajah

This exotic archaeological site is truly amazing to be seen as it has long historical value which will make your experience unforgettable. It is a cave which filled with carving on the wall which rich with history and culture.

  1. Kintamani

When it comes to what to see in Bali highland, then Kintamani area is where you should go. In the area within Karangasem Regency, you will be able to find Caldera Lake as well as Mount Batur. A must see spot in this area is Penelokan which means scenic spot on local language. Meanwhile Mount Batur is a volcano mountain which still active and already erupt for 24 times since 200 years ago. This is why; the surrounding landscape appears very unique and beautiful since it is shaped by the eruption.

  1. Bali Safari Park

For those who loves animal and want to see unique tropical fauna in Bali, then you should visit this park which is the largest in the island. Here you will find 60 different species that freely roaming around the facility that created closely to their habitat. to go around the park, you will take a bus which will take you to see all of the animal collection in the park. There is also exotic aquarium nearby which have various fishes that are unique and exotic.

  1. Besakih temple

When asking what to see in Bali temple, then this Besakih temple is the answer. The reason is because this temple is known as the mother of all temples in Bali. it is perched high 1000m from the sea level on Mount Agung and it is the biggest temple in the island. There are eighteen different sanctuaries from various caste groups which surrounds the main temples. The main three temples are dedicated to the main three Gods. This temple is truly exotic which makes you able to learn about Balinese culture even deeper, and the Mount Agung view that will also add the beauty of this temple.

  1. Pasar Seni Ubud

This place is an art market where you can find various arts created by the local craftsmen. All of those arts are made using different technique and material which makes them unique and authentic. Some of the items that you can find here are shirts, scarves from silk, woven bag that is handmade by the locals, hats, basket, kite, statue and many other crafts that are handmade by the local craftsmen. You can also get various souvenirs from this art market to bring home and give them to friends and family.

Now that you know what to see in Bali, then you can choose which of those attractions that you want to go to. Those attractions are all unique and beautiful so it would be better when you can try to see all of them during your visit to Bali. Of course, you should try to manage your schedule well to do that.

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