The Seven Recommeded Hotel Kuta, Bali

/The Seven Recommeded Hotel Kuta, Bali

The Seven Recommeded Hotel Kuta, Bali

Kuta is one best destination in Bali Island. The Kuta offer us many tourism Resort and karnaval. We can go to Kuta beach with beautiful view, Play in the water boom, See many event and carnaval in Kuta, Bar, etc. It’s make Kuta is one favourite place for visit in Bali Island. We also can buy some Bali souvenir from Kuta. There we will give you seven recommendation in Kuta, Bali :

1. Bintang Kuta Hotel

Bintang Hotel Kuta
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Bintang Kuta Hotel is one favorite Hotel in Kuta. This Hotel give luxury bali style in Bali Paradise island. Luxury style from this hotel we can see from the design, Building Part and the facilities. This Four Star Hotel is provide Bar, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Airport shuttle, etc. This Complete facilities will make the visitor very comfortable and enjoy stay in this Hotel.

Beach Near Bintang Hotel Kuta , Bali
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To get This Facilities, We just need pay Rp 800.000-1.000.000 for two person and one night. Bintang Kuta Hotel Also give very large room for stay, It’s make more comfortable for stay. We also can enjoy the Garden and fresh air in This Hotel. We can see the coconut tree, some flower, etc.

2. Kuta Paradiso Hotel Kuta

Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Bali  (Sunset)
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Kuta Paradise Hotel is another Paradise hotel In Kuta. In front of this Hotel we will see the luxury building from this Hotel. It’s also make the building difference from another hotel. This Hotel also near from Nar, Shopping center, etc. It’s make us just need walk or move little time to go the shopping or Bar center.

Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Bali
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With Rp 800.000 – 1.300.000 We can stay for a night and for two person. Kuta Paradiso Hotel also provide Spa, Bar, Fitness center, Hot tub, etc. This Luxury facilities will we get in this Luxury Hotel. This Hotel also has stunt Swimming Pool with some Natural plant and great appearance.

3. Bali Garden Beach Resort

Bali Garden Beach
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Bali Garden Beach resort is one Hotel provide the Beach view from the Hotel. Especially from the stunning Swimming Pool. The Another swimming Pool also has Bali culture temple and some Natural Plant. It’s make the swimming Pool is very luxury and enjoy. Bali Garden Beach has concept to bring A Garden Near the Beach, this concept make us can see a beach view and some garden in this Hotel.

Bali Garden Beach Bali Island
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The Bali Garden Beach Resort has Spa, Bar, Fitness Center, airport shuttle, Outdoor swimming Pool, etc. This great Facilities can we get with Rp 1.000.000 – 2.000.000 for two person and 2 children. This cheap Price will make us very comfortable and enjoy because the building is like the Traditional Bali Culture building.

4. Harper Kuta

Harper Kuta, Bali
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Another luxury hotel in kuta with great and luxury building. Harper is one brand hotel from the world. This Harper kuta combine the Luxury modern with traditional Bali Life. It’s make we can feel more comfortable and enjoy like in Bali Paradise. This Hotel Provide very large Room with complete facilities like comfort mattress, Bath room, Hot tub, etc. This facilities will make us can sleep more deeply.

Harper Kuta, Bali View
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We also can get another service from this Hotel like Spa, Bar and Outdoor Pool. This complete facilities can we get around Rp 500.000 – 700.000 for two person. It’s very affordable price with this luxury style and complete facilitiee.

5. Four Point Sheraton Kuta, Bali

Four Points Bali Kuta (Sunset)
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Four Point Sheraton Kuta is another Luxury Hotel with Unique Building concept. In front of this Hotel, we will see the higher Building and Large outdoor lobby. This make many people will look it very luxury and fantastic Hotel. Some part of this building build with Natural Stone. It’s make the visitor can feel the Bali Natural life also from this Hotel. This Hotel also make the little garden around the outdoor swimming Pool.

Four Points Bali Kuta (Sunset)
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Four Point Sheraton Kuta, Bali has very affordable price with many luxury facilities like Fitness Center, Hot Tub, Bar, Spa and swimming Pool. With pay around Rp 750.000-1.000.000 for two person and one night we will get all of that Luxury facilities. You should consider this hotel to stay if you have this budget.

6. The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel

The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel
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Kuta Beach Herritage has so many beautiful and great spot. This Hotel provide the elegant Roof top, It’s place for many people enjoy and feel the beach view from this Hotel. The Roof top also has Wonderful Swimming Pool with some lighting. This Large Hotel is located in front of the beach and some garden view.

The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel (Beach view)
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The Facilities from this hotel are Spa, Bar, Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, Hot tub, etc. It’s will make us more enjoy and very comfortable stay in this get this facilities, we just need spend Rp 1.200.000 – 1.500.000 for two person in one night. This complete facilities and Beach view is make the price is not very expensive. It’s also has very comfortable room and professional Service.

7. Mercure Kuta Beach

Mercure Kuta Beach (Sunset)
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The Last Hotel we will recommended to you in Kuta is Mercure Kuta Beach. This Hotel located in front of Kuta Beach, it’s make we can see the beauty beach from the Hotel. We also can see the beautiful sunset from this hotel with the beach view. This rare moment should you capture and share to others. With share it, We will share enjoy and beauty life in bali island.

The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel (Beach view)
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Mercure Kuta Beach is one best brand in Bali because this Mercure Hotel choose the best place in Kuta. The Mercure Kuta Beach provide Spa, Golf Course, Airport Shuttle, Bar and Hot tub. With spend around Rp 900.000 – 1.100.00 we will get this luxury facilities. The affordable price is same with the facilities and the location.

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