Seven Beautiful Beach in Bali Paradise Island

/Seven Beautiful Beach in Bali Paradise Island

Seven Beautiful Beach in Bali Paradise Island

Bali Island is one paradise with many beautiful beach. It’s Bali beach is very famous in the world. The Destination in Bali Island has increase from 2016 to 2017. It’s make the Bali island one best destination in the world. In this article we will explain seven best Bali Beach Paradise. Tehere the seven best Bali Beach Paradise in Bali Island :

1. The Kuta Beach

The Kuta Beach (Sunset view)
Source : Instagram/agus_salim909

Kuta Beach is one best beach in Bali Island. This Beach is know by many people because this beach already avaible for long Time. In Bali Island, the Kuta Bali Beach is one high visitor in a day from other beach. It’s make the beach is crowded beach. In Kuta Island we can do many beach activities and shopping.

The Kuta Beach (Surfing Time)
Source : Instagram/pashaashihin

Many Tourist go to Kuta Beach for do Surfing and Sunbathing. It’s two favorite activities in Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is one great location for surfing, we can get th tools with very affordable price and easy. In Kuta Beach we also see the beautiful Sunset or Sunrise from the beach. It’s make many People very Satisfying with this Beach.

2. Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach
Source : Instagram/agnsdian

Tegal Wangi Beach has different characteristic from other Beach. The Tegal Wangi Beach has some large Coral. It’s make the Tegal Wangi beach is great Bali beach to see the Coral Rock. Futhermore, The Tegal Wangi Beach also located around natural Hills. Some Tourist going more like see the beach from the hills becaus from higher place the beach can see more cleary and very large.

Tegal Wangi Beach Bali
Source : Instagram/sovisovie

The best photo spot from Tegal Wangi Beach is from the hills and near a large colar. It’s make our Pic will very natural and more awesome. If you have more time, you can schedule to take the Pic in Sunset or Sunrise Time. It’s will make your Pic very wonderful and more great. This Great pic you can share to your instagram our keep in your house.

3. Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach
Source : Instagram/elintatiana

The Gunung Payung Beach located near a hills/mount. It’s make this Beach in Indonesia Called Gunung Payung (Umbrella Mount Beach). Gunung Payung Beach is a perfect Beach for relaxation because this beach has many facilities. In this beach we can surround the sea with traditional boat and Get Diving activities.

Gunung Payung Beach Bali
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The Gunung Payung Beach Also give beautiful Bali beach with some coral and the Mount view. It’s make this a perfect beach for relax and enjoy it. The activities in the Gunung Payung Beach do by Tourist are swimming in the beach and Enjoy the beautiful bali beach view. It’s will make our life more enjoy, peaceful and forget some problem.

4. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach
Source : Instagram/saradee5

The Best and Famous Beach in Bali Island is The Pandawa Beach. Pandawa Beach can be one best beach in Bali because the Complete facilities, very comfortable and has large beach area. In Pandawa Beach we can do many thing like See the four Pandawa Knight, Swimming, Play Traditional Boat, See seaweed cultivation and also shopping some Bali Souvenir.

Pandawa Beach Bali (Sunset View)
Source : Instagram/darko.seferovic

Pandawa Beach has visited by many people in a day, especial in holiday. It’s make this Pandawa Provide very large area to covered the Tourist from Other Country or Indonesia Tourist. Play the Traditional Boat is one activities you should try in Pandawa Beach. We can Surround the beach with this tradtional boat.

5. Blue Lagoon Beach, Karangasem

Blue Lagoon Karangasem Beach, Bali
Source : Instagram/lasophiette

Blue Lagoon Beach the wonderful because has beautiful Blue water.  It’s make this Blue Lagoon Beach is one wonderful place for Divng. The Cleary water make we can see the beautiful under water creature. Blue Lagoon has the beauty blue color, It’s make the Apperance is difference from othr Beach.

Blue Lagoon Karangasem Beach, Bali (Diving Activities)
Source : Instagram/alexbchandra

In Blue Lagoon Beach we can do any beach activities like Surround it with a boat, jump from the Colar to the sea, Swimmming and diving. This complete activities make many people choice this beach for the schedule.

6. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach Bali (Dinner in the Beach)
Source : Instargam/jonnny00

Jimbaran Beach is one famous place for many tourist because this place provide a beautiful dinner. In Jimbaran Bay Beach, we can get a seafood romantic dining with our Partners with beautiful beach feeling. It’s make many Tourist goinf here for a beautiful beahc dinner. We also can go here for beautiful beach.

Jimbaran Beach Bali (Sunset)
Source : Instagram/woolyeo

In Jimbaran Beach we can do many great thing, like surround it with long boat and Swimming. Surround the beach with Boat is great choice before we get a best beach dinner. We also can take great pic in the Sunset time.

7. Tanjung Benoa Beach

Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali (Water Jet Pack)
Source : Instagram/bram.marley

There the last best Beach in Bali Island. If you want try many water sport in Bali Island, You can try it in Tanjung Benoa Beach. In Tanjung Benoa, we can try Water Jet Pack, Flying Board, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Sea Walker, Jetski and the Banana Boat. This Complete Watersport, make many tourist very want to go here to try and play watersport.

Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali (Speed Boat)
Source : Instagram/joel_sinclair4911

Tanjung Benoa Beach is located in strategic place. It’s make the wave will not very high. Our Recommend watersport you should try in Tanjung Benoa are Flying Fish, Sea Walker and Jetski. This Three watersport is very recommended because we can try an new thing. Sea walker is mean walk in the sea. It’s make us can see the beauty inside the Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali (Sea Walker)
Source : Instagram/arikdido

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