The Top 10 List of Luxury Restaurants in Bali

/The Top 10 List of Luxury Restaurants in Bali

The Top 10 List of Luxury Restaurants in Bali

When it is come to food surely you want to get the best meals or dining after you willing to spend some money. You can try luxury restaurants in Bali that serve splendid dishes with high-end decoration and atmosphere. If you planning to spend your holiday in Bali then you need to take a note some of this restaurant list recommendation to assure that you can enjoy and get the best culinary experience during your fun time in the ‘Island of Gods’.

Luxury restaurants in Bali recommendations

From local and traditional dishes like bebek/ ayam betutu or babi guling to all over the world and mouth watering foods, here are some of the best restaurants in Bali:

  1. Blanco par Mandif

The small sized restaurant maybe will give you some feels like there is nothing special at first especially since the decoration only set up by several bar seating. However, you won’t regret coming here because the owner is an award-winning chef who had even been invited as a judge by famous cooking show: Master Chef Indonesia. So, basically you won’t get disappointed by the taste of the foods served. You can taste yummy and gorgeous looking dishes and the plating is like a piece of masterwork. And you even get a chance to watch the chef made them directly.

  1. JI at the Bale Sutra, Hotel Tugu

Have you ever tried dining in a temple? If not then it is your time to take a chance spending time while tasting the best foods in one of the most unique and luxury restaurants in Bali named JI at the Bale Sutra located in Hotel Tugu. The restaurant offers unique place to dine which is a temple situated from Kang Xi period in 1706. The temple is actually relocated from Java before they are moved to Bali. However, you will not find Chinese cuisine, instead the restaurant serves Japanese dishes with influences from Korea, Peru and Chine as well as other Western countries.

  1. Opia Bali

The restaurant located in Jimbaran and it is a unique destination for tourists that visit the island. Opia offers international dishes mixed with Asian cuisine plus other local ingredients. You are not only get to experience the delicious dining, but also extraordinary panorama and setting surrounded by natural view. If you are a vegan then there is many exciting vegetarian foods that you can try as well.

  1. Dava Steak & Seafood

If you are looking for luxury restaurants in Bali that serve your favorite steak or seafood then Dava will be one of the best choices. Here is where you can find fancy dine in Bali, it is located in AYANA Resort and Spa and it offers so much more than usual steakhouse. And if you want to get a bite of high quality meat or fresh seafood then do not worry since the restaurant offers delectable and juicy menu from long bone rib steak to fresh catches salmon or lobster.

  1. Sarong restaurant

Sarong restaurant has become one of the most sought after Asian cuisine luxury restaurants in Bali. The best thing is that all the dishes made from organic ingredients with mix of traditional spices and cooking techniques. You can order some complicated menu such as Laotian style grilled chicken to the simpler yet lovely pork belly. Aside from the excellent food, this place also offers soft Balinese atmosphere at indoor area and tropical garden at outdoor.

  1. Sakti Dining

This is a must-to-go restaurant especially for veggie since Sakti Dining is not ordinary place for you to get the best foods. It is considered as one of the most luxury restaurants in Bali judging from their achievement as one of award winning restaurants Bali. This is a pleasure place for you who want to not only enjoy perfect dining but also the night atmosphere. You can choose either 3, 5 or 7 course meal with delicious treats such as Shitake mushroom, Zucchini tomato lasagna or sweet delicacy like raw chocolate & coconut lime cheese cake.

  1. Slippery Stone Bali

Slippery Stone Bali located in Seminyak that offers fancy meal and diner with Greece like atmosphere and of course tasty Greek cuisine. You will be welcomed buy elegant and old Grecian comfort combined with modern touch. As for the foods here you can expect some healthy and diverse authentic taste of Greek cuisine and they are made with traditional Greek cooking method such as beef, lamb, cheese and many more.

  1. Tirtha Dining

For special occasion, try to go to Tirtha Dining near Kuta. This is one of the most luxury restaurants in Bali and the foods of course expected to a bit pricey. However, the foods are equal to the price; the dining provides the best Japanese influenced French dishes along with romantic and perfect decorations for dates, this surely the best option you can get!

  1. Teatro Gastroteque

The founder is Chef Mandif M Warokka and it is opened before he decided to start Blanco par Mandif. The place offers the best looking dishes along with boutique dining decoration that you can enjoy comfortably. Teatro literally means ‘theatre’ meaning that the food is a performance and thus the chefs serve so many menu series with some of French cuisine ingredients then mixed with Asian cooking methods to create one-of-a-kind foods. Veggie can also have a taste in this restaurant since they implement vegetarian dishes as well.

  1. iL Lido

Want to taste a bit of Italian cuisine in private garden? If yes then you should try to visit iL Lido at Seminyak. As one of the most luxury restaurants in Bali, the place offers calming and relaxed scenery along with outdoor and indoor room to have meals. You can even book for private dining room in this place to get some privacy if you do not comfortable with the crowds. Have some bite of yummy and good looking menus from pastas or other Italian cuisines here!

This is the top 10 luxury restaurants which you can find in Bali and if you want to make sure your holiday filled with delicate foods then you need to visit some of them.

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