Luxurious Resorts in Seminyak with Best Facilities

/Luxurious Resorts in Seminyak with Best Facilities

Luxurious Resorts in Seminyak with Best Facilities

Luxurious resorts in Seminyak will be a good place to stay when you having your holiday in this tropical Bali island. Seminyak is a favorite destination in Bali especially for foreigners because there are various attractions here. Not to mention the Seminyak beach this is very beautiful and charming and makes everyone want to go to this area. Of course, after a day of exploring the area, you need a place to stay. One that is also luxurious so you can feel comfortable staying there. Here are some of the famous resort that is located in seminyak which also very luxurious.

Top 10 Luxurious Resorts in Seminyak

  1. Anantara

As luxurious resorts in Seminyak beachfront, you will be able to access the beach from within the facility when you stay here. Furthermore, you will be able to see the beach view with its beautiful coconut tree and feel the sea breeze every day when you wake up. Surely it is something that will make you feels inspired to go out and explore the area during your holiday. Of course; when you are done exploring, you would want to go home to enjoy the comfort of your luxurious resort.

  1. Alila

Another beachfront resort that has five stars rate so you should not doubt its quality anymore. It has swimming pool area in outdoor which can be enjoyed by everyone. You can also go to the fitness center to have some workout. WiFi can be access in any area of the resort for free. There are eight rooms in this resort and all is equipped with luxurious amenities. They also have scheduled shuttle that you can use as complementary service when you stay here. Do not forget to book some treatment in the in house spa before you coming home.

  1. Oberoi

Next luxurious resorts in Seminyak Kebobokan are very convenient since it is builds in prime location. They also have great service and their facility is completed with luxurious amenities to ensure the guest comfort. There are also several suites that come with private pool that you can book. But the other rooms are also as convenient so you should not be worry about it. For those who do not book the suite, you can still enjoy the swimming pool located in the outdoor area of the hotel.

  1. Cicada Townhouse

This townhouse villa is located in the prime location at Seminyak area which makes it suitable place for you to stay. The rooms are filled with the best amenities to ensure you have the best experience when staying here.

  1. Peppers

This resort is one of the top luxurious resorts in Seminyak that you can stay whenever you visit Bali. Furthermore, this facility is build only 9 minutes away for you to reach the beach easily. The facility is consists of several villas which surrounded by garden all around as well as private pool for you to enjoy. This five star rated property is very luxurious and located in the most prime location. The resort also provides pilates and yoga class that you can take to relax your body. They can also arrange day tour or water sports by your request.

  1. Beautiful Bali

This villa is another popular choice that you can use during your visit to Bali on business trip or on leisure trip. Their staff will give the best service to all guests to ensure you will enjoy your stay with them. Furthermore the interior appears elegant and equipped with useful amenities to that you can use during your stay. There are various recreational facilities that all guests can use such as garden and swimming pool. They can also arrange tour, fishing or diving trip by request for the guests.

  1. The Amala

This villa is considered as one of affordable luxurious resorts in Seminyak that you can use during your stay in Bali. Some of the suits will also comes with private pool to ensure your best experience. There are also various other facilities for all rooms such as internet access, room service, and front desk that can be used for 24 hours.

  1. Dusun Villa

Next villa that you should try to visit is this Dusun villa which located in touristic area in Seminyak. This villa will give you everything that you need to ensure your comfort during your stay.

  1. Elysian Boutique

As reputable luxurious resorts in Seminyak this facility provides various kinds of luxurious villas that you can rent. Each villa will be furnished luxuriously and it also comes with private pool. When you stay in this villa, you will feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time. You would surely love your time in Bali when you stay in this villa. They also have the best customer service to ensure every guest feel comfortable. You can also take a rest and enjoy the best massage, from their spa that will give you full service. They also have wireless service and shuttle service that comes as complimentary service for their guest so you can still go for some adventure when staying here.

  1. Indigo

This hotel is dubbed to be one of the best hotels that open in 2017 in Asia Pasific area. The area is has modern themed furnish which ensure your comfort during your stay. Furthermore there are six restaurant areas as well as four swimming pool areas in large size to accommodate all guests so you would not feel stuffed by the crowd when staying here. There are 289 rooms in this hotel that you can get, or you can try to get their villa which also comes with your own private butler by request. Do not forget to go to their spa to receive some treatment that will surely relax you.

Those are luxurious resorts in Seminyak list that you can use to choose the best place to stay when you are having your holiday in Bali. Those resorts come with different rooms and facilities that you might want to choose. Some even comes with suites that have private pool which will surely add more comfort to your stay.

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