Seven Best Bali Tourism, you should Try in Bali Paradise

/Seven Best Bali Tourism, you should Try in Bali Paradise

Seven Best Bali Tourism, you should Try in Bali Paradise

There many Best Bali tourism resort in Bali Island. We have seven best Bali Tourism for your vacation. Our recommended get from the best and top place from Instagram.

1. Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Morning

The Beauty of Tegallalang Terrace
Source : Instagram/renatacrosa

In this Place we will see awesome Natural Padi field especially in the Morning. We can Feel more enjoy and see some morning dew. This make us more Enjoyable and Peaceful. You should try this place for capture your great and unforgettable moment in Traditional Rice Terrace.

The Traditional Farmer in Tegallalang Terrace
Source : Instagram/claudio.ipal

In Tegallalang Terrace we will get natural Green view of Rice Field. We also will feel the Natural Cool Brezze in this Place. Tegallalang has some spot for take photo, Some Tourist like to take photo near the Rice Terrace in the morning. It’s will make our Pic more natural and awesome. We also can drink natural coconut and eat some bali traditional food. So, Don’t forget to go this terrace when you going to bali.

2. Lempuyang Temple

The Lempuyang Temple Bali Island
Source : Instagram/cv_wt

Lempuyang Temple is one favourite place for many people because this temple has traditional Culture building. Many People take photo in the gate. It’s also call heaven gate because has clear view of mountain from this gate. The culture Temple From Bali Lempuyang make many people to want know and Capture the great place in this temple.

The Heaven Gate from Lempuyang Temple (Favorite Spot)
Source : Instagram/joshuajl

This temple usually using by local bali people for pray and make some traditional culture. From this temple, we can saw awesome agung mount. We also can see some Natural view from this temple. The Temple also has unique dragon statue. This Dragon is one great spot for take some picture.

3. Tanah Lot Temple

The Tanah Lot Temple in Low Tide Sea
Source : Instagram/lilibaross

This famous temple located near in the sea. If we are lucky when go there the sea is receded, We can go to inside and see the Tanah Lot Place. This One of seven sea temple in Balinese Island. Usually this temple is Using for Bali culture moment. This Tanah Lot Temple build by Dang Hyang Nirartha.

Tanah Lot in High Tide Sea
Source : Instagram/balidiscount

Other legend of Tanah Lot is the white snake inside the temple. The Large Snake is the guard of Tanah Lot temple. When we are go with tour Guide, We will get some story of Tanah Lot temple. This condition also make some tourist more interesting to know more about this Tanah Lot.

4. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud
Source : Instagram/thewayfaress

There is one great place in Bali Island because we can play and feed with Monkey. This Forest has many Funny and friendly monkey. We also can see the Natural forest with some Monkey statues. This Place is one recommended from Us, because we can play and see the Balinese Monkey.

The Monkey from Sacred Monkey Forest
Source : Instagram/wandering

We also can feed the monkey with some food and take a great pics with this Monkey. This secret place also save many traditions of Bali Culture. If you want to see the bali monkey, there is one great choice for you. But we need some carefully when play with this monkey. Because this monkey can scratch human.

5. Mount Agung

Agung Mount
Source : Instagram/eyesofanomad

Agung Mount is one great place to take a picture. This mountain is active volcanoes mountain. For some tourist, this is a best time to see and feel the Mountain because some country don’t have volcanoes. We can take great picture in this Mount Agung.

Agung Mount with beauty Sunset
Source : Instagram/antonyliubimov

Some Bali citizen has pray for this Mountain to make it always safe and faraway from volcanoes activity. To get best felling and pic, We can going to near this Agung Mount in the morning. We will feel The morning Breeze with some cool morning wind. We also can see this mountain with going to other mountain near this agung mount. We need to know the situation if we want to climb this agung mount. Like the stamina and the valcano activity.

6. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Nusa Penida, Bali from the Hills
Source : Instagram/anadventurerslifeforme

This Beach is located Near Bali Island. This Island is called Nusa Penida Island. We will see amazing beach from upper the Hills. This Kelingking Beach is One great spot because this place has unique long hills. We also can go to the awesome blue Beach. This Clean Beach is great place to vacation with our family. To enjoy this place, We just need to feel the awesome sea Breeze or going to great hills near this beach.

Stunt Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida Bali
Source : Instagram/sjoerdbracke

Nusa Penida is one little Island with many awesome beach. This island has many clean Beach and more Natural Place. To going to this place we need some extra stamina and carefully because to going to this beach we need go walk in not good ways. But If we see This Beach from the Hills, we will more enjoyable and more peaceful. Kelingking Beach also provide the pure white sand beach.

7. Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

The Beauty of Diamond Beach
Source : Instagram/_vladafitty

Diamond beach is one Untouched beach from Nusa Penida near Balinese Island. This Diamond Beach name come from the larger stone like diamond in the Beach. This Natural Beach has awesome unforgettable moment because this beach has pure White and blue ocean. This Place is has some Larger Stone from White Limestone.

The Paradise from Diamond Beach Nusa Penida, Bali
Source : Instagram/nicolecza

We also can capture great pic from upper this beach. We can take and feel the great moment from the hills near the Beach. Inthis beach we can see the awesome Natural Place with White Limestone. This beach also has soke coconut trees. To walk to the beach we can use the rock stairs.

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