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Project Description

Tegal Wangi Beach
Source : Instagram/agnsdian

Tegal Wangi Beach has different characteristic from other Beach. The Tegal Wangi Beach has some large Coral. It’s make the Tegal Wangi beach is great beach to see the Coral Rock. Futhermore, The Tegal Wangi Beach also located around natural Hills. Some Tourist going more like see the beach from the hills becaus from higher place the beach can see more cleary and very large.

Tegal Wangi Beach Bali
Source : Instagram/sovisovie

The best photo spot from Tegal Wangi Beach is from the hills and near a large colar. It’s make our Pic will very natural and more awesome. If you have more time, you can schedule to take the Pic in Sunset or Sunrise Time. It’s will make your Pic very wonderful and more great. This Great pic you can share to your instagram our keep in your house.


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